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  1. Hey Michelle, getting to be that time of year again 🍂 nice to be in your thoughts, I just got some emails from Land's End with the new Fall promos 😉 Hey Barb, hope all's well with you too 😁 Life goes on, for that I'm grateful 💜
  2. Congratulations Tomm! I'm still here and kicking life around! One year after Durva. Last scan was in May, tumor still at 8mm so, yay! I come on here once in awhile to see what's happening, usually not much. Fall is just around the corner. It's great to be alive! Namaste 🙏 Roseann
  3. Hi there Terry B, So happy to hear your on the mend. Our bodies do strange things to us while on Durva. I completed al 26 infusions, with a mirad of side effects. I did, however, call my oncologist whenever something didn't just seem right. I was always screened by the nurse first, which in my opinion was best, because they deal directly with us and could tell me better if I should be concerned. My Dr would then call me. With that being said I wish you well and continued luck on your Durva journey 🙏 Namaste Roseann
  4. Hi everyone 😃 Thanks for the updates, I too, Barb have anaphylaxis, penicillin and a most common one Tylenol which is acetaminophen, it's in everything. So I'm still waiting for everyone to get their shots first. A nurse where my daughter works has gotten her first and second shot of the vaccine, side effects were minimal, however she has now contracted the virus! So go figure! She was one of the first group of nurses at her facility to be vaccinated because she is a critical care nurse. So that does scare me too! Well, still a wait and see game for me. I wish everyone the best! Have a wonderful day, Namaste 🙏 Roseann
  5. Golfman, Sorry to hear of your recurrence, but am glad to hear that you have a new treatment plan in place. Best of luck to you! Take Care, Namaste Roseann
  6. Lou T So sorry to hear about your wife's reaction to the vaccine. I hope she continues to improve. And the best of luck to you when you get yours! Take Care, Roseann
  7. Yeah, I guess it's just fear of the unknown. I will go with what my Doctors recommend. If I have a reaction, I hope it is not a bad one, If I don't I'll be very happy 😊 thanks everyone, for your valuable inputs, I'm just in no rush to get it Lol 😂
  8. Well, I choose not to get it. I never got a flu shot in my life! I'm allergic to penicillin and acetaminophen, so I'm very sceptical of any of that stuff. I shouldn't be right 🤣 I had all kinds of crap chemo, immunotherapy, pain killers Lol! But my Dad died the day after he got a flu shot back in 1995, first time he ever got one 😭 so no I don't think so, not at this time. Just my humble opinion 💟 Roseann
  9. Sounds good to me! Thanks for the article Barb, 👌
  10. Michelle, I love Lands End, they are next on my list for their beloved turtlenecks. I gained so much weight XS just does not work for me anymore, I think I need a M. I have since learned to order both a M and a L and return the one that doesn't fit. Getting smart in my old age, well retail savvy anyway 🤣 Have a great day Roseann
  11. Hi everyone, I just realized I never hit the submit button on my last post LOL! My shopping trip was very fruitful, fun and very gratifying! Barb, my last PET scan in November showed an SUV uptake of 2.2 down from 15.6 so I guess we both shoould do a happy dance eh! I am just disappointed that Durvalumab didn't do the work that I thought it would, my tumor is still 8mm after Chemo/Radiation combo. I know that is great but I can't help but be bummed, spending a year of being sick and fatigued and in pain in places and having to take stupid pain pills and whine whine foe what seems like nothing! But then again it did halt any progression right? Ugh! now I have to wait until the 24th to see my Oncologist, because our state was put bake in the stage 2 zone because of an uptake of Covid outbreaks, my appt was cancelled til then. Oh well, I'll remain as calm as I can 🙃 Roseann
  12. Hi Barb, Thank you LexiCat and Barb, that helps a LOT, however, I am on my way still to some much needed reatil therapy, the waiting for the results has done fried my brain, So off I go 😃
  13. Barb, still hoping for them great results, saying prayers and sending positive vibes your way! On another note, both of my results are in. My Bone scan came back and everything looks good on that Yay! My CT Scan was confusing, my tumor George stayed the same, 8mm, ok so he just wants to hang around been that size since last Pet scan in Nov of 2019. It also showed 2 nodules that were 2mm on my left lung that were there on previous scans but were not mentioned, WTF! Also I have a nodule on my Thyroid, from my previous scan, that should be followed up with an ultrasound, again WTF! I read through all my previous PET and CT scans and it doesn't mention anythin about nodules in my left lung anywhere, is this kept like a secret in invisible ink until it reaches a certain size? As for my thyroid, I have had multiple small cysts there in the past that have come and gone, but still, if they have been there shouldn't they have been on my report? Also, I should mention, my reports have been read and dictated by the same radiologist. So, did Durvalumab work for me? I'm not feeling very confident that it did right now. On the one hand it shrank my original tumor from 1.7cm to 8mm, but also chemo and radiation was still doing some heavy duty work in my body as well. Hmmm. I am going to do some heavy retail therapy today! I guess I will wait to see what my Oncologist says on the 24th, she is the expert, and I hope she can explain my year of torture LOL! Take care, Namaste, Roseann
  14. Barb, No, no, no, but yes I do understand the scanxiety you are feeling! Wholeheartedly, we want them so badly, yet, then, we are terrified of the what ifs. With that being said, we are better off with the knowledge of knowing exactly what those what ifs actually are, if anything. Could be a wonderful outcome like NED! Or if it isn't, well then, we can get our team of Docs on the ball right quick and get a plan in motion I say 😃 I had my bone scan on Monday, I go for my CT scan on Thursday. Ugh! I don't see my Oncologist until Nov 24th! But I get copies of my scans emailed to me, so I will be sure to be asking for an interpretation from my fellow Brainiacs lol! I will be thinking of you tomorrow Barb, I will say a prayer that your scan will be a clean NED one Take care 🙏 Roseann
  15. I'm always bouncing around reading different threads, and came upon this sandwich question, well my favorite is turkey and salami with provolone cheese, topped with red roasted peppers, drizzled with some olive oil, and some mayo on Italian bread Yum! I hate liver no matter what shape or form it comes it bleh! Take care everyone Roseann
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