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  1. Hi RonH, Your like Kleo, you posts make me smile 🤣 You can be a Werewolf for Halloween haha! My Pulmonologist ordered my Biomarker Test when I had my Lung biopsy done after my PET/CT Before any of my treatment began and before I even seen my current Oncologists. So in a sense he directed my care to the surgeon who then did his thing, explained that if my Lymph node was involved I wouldn't be able to have surgery. Then I went on to the 2 Oncologists. My report says I am KRAS Positive an exclusive membership too! and my PDL1 is 90% High Expression so I really hope that the Durva works, I did ask my dr about me being Kras+ and the Durva working and she tells me not to worry, easy for her to say, she doesn't have a committee in her head that runs amok like I do! She will be doing a PET/CT scan in February. I want a regular scan done sooner but she feels it will only show inflammation, but will do one if I push for one, Bleep me I say! I hope your new meds did not turn you into Wolfman Jack! (not sure if you are old enough too know who he is) God Bless and prayers for a good long run on Alectinib Take care, Roseann
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