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  1. ...alright. 'Til I saw the light In your eyes. - Todd Rundgren
  2. It's my party And I'll cry if I want to. -Lesley Gore
  3. And I ain't no fool for love songs That whisper in my ear Still crazy after all these years. Paul Simon
  4. Life is very short And there's no time For fussing and fighting, my friend.
  5. And the sound we make together Is the music to the story in your eyes. It's been shining down upon me Now I realize.
  6. We used to be so happy when we were in love High on a mountain of love
  7. Get Back Get Back Get Back to where you once belonged.
  8. I can tell you My love for you will still be strong. After the Boys of Summer Are gone.
  9. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall All you got to do is call And I'll be there, yes I will You've got a friend
  10. Long live rock! I need it every night.
  11. Almost cut my hair. Happened just the other day.
  12. My condolences to you and Marc's family. I see you have been on these boards almost 3 years. That's what I call a true friend.
  13. I am saddened to read this.
  14. So what songs are we going to do? I love "Fix You" by Cold Play.
  15. P.S. I Love You

    My Dad

    Sheri- We are so sorry to hear this. Our condolences to you and your family. Kim & Bev
  16. "Music soothes the savage beast". If only it could kill it. (Guitar)
  17. I’m hoping the chemo works, too. Your reactions are to be expected considering how much stress you’re all under. Maybe the next scan will show improvement. We’re all in this together.
  18. Welcome, LeAnn- You definitely have cause for hope. Your uncle, like my wife Bev, is very fortunate to get a leg up on SCLC by having the surgery. Bev was also determined to use every weapon in the book and without delay. She is now approaching 3 years since diagnosis, with no evidence of disease (NED). It’s a tough, complicated battle, but you have just found the best resource for information and hope. The warriors on this board KNOW what it’s all about. Best Wishes, Kim
  19. Teri, We are very saddened to just read this. The world needs more people like Bill. We will miss him, too. Kim & Bev
  20. John- I hope the chemo works well again and knocks it out completely, this time. You have always been a major inspiration here.
  21. My wife, Bev, was prescribed steroids during her PCI treatments. She didn't care much for their effects, but was told it was to reduce brain swelling. Best Wishes, Kim
  22. That is good news. Glad you're back and hope your husband is getting through it.
  23. Hi, Mark- Who could forget Leslie! She was like a nova. A star that suddenly appeared and shone very brightly. Being a Postmaster, I was immediately drawn to her postings. I wanted to send her a hello, but was still lurking before becoming a member. I glad and touched to hear that she is still with you.
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