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  1. Kelly & Family- May her amazing Spirit live on in you. We wish you peace. Kim & Bev
  2. Dana & Family- Please accept our deep condolences. While we knew only a small part of her through this site, it was obvious that she was a very special person. Kim & Bev
  3. Bev has continued her streak of clean scans (26 months). She’s feeling well, a little fatigued, but that’s no wonder as she’s been very busy living life. In fact, I have a hard time keeping up with her. Thank You, LCSC, for showing us that SCLC can be survived!
  4. Our condolences to you and your family. You fought such a courageous battle. Kim & Bev
  5. You have good reason to be happy.
  6. Hi, Karen- My wife, Bev, also had PCI as the final step in her treatments.She was very fatigued. More than during her chemos and radiation. We think it was probably not only from the PCI, but just the accumulation of effects from all the treatments. It took several months to get through this period of fatigue. She just had her scans last week. Still NED since completing PCI in March '05. Hang in there!
  7. That is really good news. I know Bev is very inspired by you.
  8. It's a very special song to Bev (and me), too, as our first-born is Sara, the poet of our heart.
  9. Kimberly- So sorry to hear this. We can feel your love. Kim & Bev
  10. Objectively, it is a puzzler. But I look at it subjectively. Thank God my wife, who had no symptoms, requested a CAT scan. They found SCLC. She is well and NED 2 years out of treatment. Without the scan, I don't see how she could be in the same boat she's in now. If CAT scan results are also showing "benign" lung cancers(!), then methods will be developed to cull out these results. Maybe it hasn't been proven objectively to be beneficial, but I'm a believer.
  11. Stopping smoking will not detect tumors that you don't know about.
  12. We are very saddened today. Our condolences to you and your girls. Kim & Bev
  13. Grace, I feel so bad for what you and your family are going through. You’ve obviously been so there for Carlton. Trust your auto-pilot; it will guide you home. There will be time for you and your girls to heal. Prayers for all of you.
  14. Fare Forward, Frank. Thank You for all You've done for us. Kim & Bev
  15. Hi, Bbear- Your proactivity has made you more aware of the state of your health than the average person. As the docs say nothing to worry about, I’d celebrate.
  16. Frank- I was truly honored when you greeted me my first time here. I had already known and still continue to marvel at what a big heart you have. I hope you can continue your fight and give it the old what for. You are the best. Kim
  17. Hi, Nick- Feel free to use Bev's "My Story- Born To Be Alive". We feel strongly about early detection. And THANK YOU for your activism and all your caring. Kim
  18. Jen- My wife Bev is almost 2 years out of treatment for SCLC.She's been NED the entire time. That being said, it seems you always have to have one eye on the disease. I've got a feeling it's always going to be that way and we just have to adjust. Despite her success, I'm still worried sick about it every day. You just have to believe that your Dad is one of the lucky ones. I wish we all were. Kim
  19. Our deep condolences to you and your family, Katie. Stay well. Kim & Bev
  20. Pat, Nick et al- You ARE the LCSC. When I see your name, I read what you have to say. You're viewpoints have been nothing but supportive, even in the midst of your own pain. You may not have the LC, but you are the SC. Strange, didn't the last blow-up occur when Katie wasn't around?
  21. Katie- With all the support and good vibes you've sent out to us over the years, you must have a LOT of good karma in the bank. I hope you can spend what you need to get you and your Mom through this.
  22. My wife was resected because her tumor was so small that was the only way they could biopsy it. When it appeared to be a carcinoid tumor, the surgeon opted to do a lobectomy. It later was diagnosed as Small Cell. We've always felt that was one of the key reasons she's had such a good response to the treatments.
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