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Need ADVISE desperately!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I hope you are finding peace now that you have ALMOST made your decision. To me the decisions are the toughest parts.

If there is a recurrance, and I am betting and hoping and praying and shouting and intuiting that there is not going to be one, I think that there are many other things that can be done. Heather mentioned two. There are new treatments all the time.

We all want you to be happy and for your "new normal" to be as peaceful as can be!

love you and your hat (it looks like a hat with a lot of fortitude!)


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Hi Beth,

I am so glad to hear you have reached a decision. I too reached the same one on Tuesday 10/12. I told my onco that I felt like it was time to stop treatment and began healing. I have been off of my feet for 5 weeks now, today was the first day I have been able to clean my kitchen and it wore me out - but I did it. My doctor agreed. I have my restaging PET and CT scans scheduled for next Thursday to make sure there us nothing there. I thought long and hard, prayed and cried about this decision and now feel at peace with it. I know if the cancer returns it will NOT be because I did not have the last three treatments of chemo it will be because it was suppose to. I look forward to getting better and to start living again. I hope you feel as secure in your decision as I do, that really helps alot.

Take care,


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Talked to my Nurse on Friday.....it's over. Several of the Dr's in the practise discussed me, they just don't think I should proceed with any other drugs then the "platins" and they feel I am too allergic to warrant more treatment with them.

I told them to cancel the other chemo appts I had and would see them on the 3rd. I am still torn between whether I made the right decision BUT I do feel a weight off my shoulders.

I have reached the end of a journey that I did not think would be this bad, thought I was strong enough to handle it, I was wrong.

Now starts the long road of recovery. Hopefully the GI Doc can fix my throat and my PCP can nurse me back to health. I'll still be here though.


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I am feeling very happy that you are going to start the road to recovery. . . and it will happen - you will recover. My husband was beaten to a pulp with treatment and he has recovered well. One good thing about feeling bad - it feels so good when you feel good again. LOL!

Many prayers for you, Beth!



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Just updating everyone again.............My Doctor called today said she got the message from my Nurse that I wanted to stop treatment.

She said I had made the right decision, she said she thought about me this weekend and talked to another doc and they agreed that they felt additional treatment would only harm me (physically) more then helping me.

I guess she made me feel better but I still am scared that I made the wrong decision. I still wonder if I''m a whimp for not doing anything else. She said that I would be closely monitored from here out. I see her 11/01/04.

Oh well, that's the latest!

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Hi Beth,

That souns reassuring at least. The thing I was thinking is that it also is a decision you could change if the doc and you decided at a later date it would be best to do more treatment, right? And with close monitoring it seems as though you at least have a good chance of knowing how things are. Praying it worked already and that you will have NED!!!



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Beth, you certainly are NOT a whimp!

Just reading what you have been through makes me shiver at the thought.

I think your docs are right, you have put up a fight to be proud of and from this stand point, it looks like you won the battle :D

I for one, am very impressed, you gain back the strength that plantin stuff has taken from you and you are on your way to recovery



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