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a little scared....


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I am back. The big rush was to start me on Clomid. Of slight concern is my Sed rate, it is elevated, 34, but it is such a nonspecific test, there is no way to know what elevated it, so it has to be monitored. Sed rate tests for autoimmune diseases, cancer, inflamanation, etc.

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I hope this means there will be a new little version of our "Andrea" soon.

I hear there are can be some emotional side effects from this drug, so tell Brian to BEWARE! (as in PMS!)

I am glad it turned out to be nothing to really worry about.

Keep us posted, but not too posted, if you know what I mean! LOL. One of my friends was doing fertility treatments and I swear I heard more than I ever wanted to know--not about the medicine etc, but about the let's say, intimate details!

love and fortitude


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