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cisplatin AND taxol for melaniem


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OK, who's all had cisplatin and taxol for their chemo??? I will have it once every 3 weeks for 4 rounds. The onc nurse said to plan on being there all day. I did a search on this site yesterday when i found out and it doesn't sound so good..... as if ANY chemo would????

Any thoughts from my fellow warriors???

Also, tell me that everyone battles depression. I know my prognosis is actually quite good, the surgery was successful, I just have to do this chemo to be sure nothing got left behind. My head knows all of that. But my heart gets on this pity trip of "Why ME, I just want my life back, no one understands, blah, blah, blah...." . Last week was really bad so I've gone back to work this week, part-time. I figured part of my problem was being cooped-up here at home for so long. It's been 5 weeks since surgery. Yesterday was day 1 and I got really tired but it felt good to be out among people.

I seem to jump from anger to depression and back again. I'm sure it's completely normal, I just hope it passes like everything else with time.

Thanks to all who have held my hand, don't let go, we're not quite finished.

Love to everyone.


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Hi Melanie

My Mum had Cisplatin and Gemcitibine as her first-line treatment. She had 6 rounds and did really well. Some of the cycles were incomplete due to low blood counts, but she actually felt pretty good for most of it. Was never laid up in bed or anything like that.

She has just started taxotere and has finished her first cycle, and, touch wood, so far so good. No side effects to speak of, apart from a bit of indigestion and slight fatigue.

Not sure what it would be like doing the two together, of course! But I'm sure that many people come through without the nasty side-effects.

As far as the depression is concerned, I think it's pretty normal. I feel depressed alot of the time, and I'm not the one with cancer!! It is a very frightening diagnosis, and it is still really early days for you. It will get easier with time, and I think that going back to work is probably a great idea, as long as you don't get too tired. It is important to maintain as much normality as you can. You have to have a life while you are battling this disease, otherwise what's the point??

All the best


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I had cisplatin and gemzar for chemo. Cisplatin is the tougher of the two, in my experiece. But, I took compazine and zofran for nausea for three days afterwards whether I felt I needed it or not and I think that was the key to my pretty successful lack of side effects. I had chemo on Thursday and felt fine on Friday--Saturday and Sunday I didn't feel great, but mostly rested on the couch. By Monday I was feeling pretty ok again and back to work.

By far, my biggest thing was constipation from the compazine and zofran. Do not let this happen to you--once I was aware of the potential for problems in that department, I was able to prevent it, but that is miserable stuff.

The depression issue--the very best thing I did during this whole mess was to start seeing a therapist and take anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medications. I would truly have to wonder about someone who did not have some emotional issues with a cancer diagnosis. But, help is available, and if you need it, get it. I am normally a very stable, logical-thinking person, but don't throw a cancer diagnosis at me and not expect a strong reaction. However, through medication, and the help of a therapist who I saw every 4 weeks for almost a year, I have been able to wean myself off of all medications for emotional problems, and have been off of them for about 6 months.

Getting back to work helped me tremendously too--it's good to get back to normal life activities. Exercise has helped me a lot--if you're ready to just start some walking, that would be a big help.

I hope you handle your chemo as well as I did and please get some help for that depression. There is no sense to spending any time feeling that way if you don't have to.


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I can't speak to those particular drugs, but I've "been there, done that" on the depression -- at least borderline depression.

For about 2 weeks after I came home from the hospital and the diagnosis sunk in, I would have periodic bouts of depression. At first, I'd try not to, then figured out that I really needed to feel what I was feeling, and cry and cry if I felt like crying -- not to hold back. And yanno what? It really helped. I began to replace the gloom & doom thoughts with thoughts of hope and light. I began to do the "yeah, but" thing with myself!

I think you hit it right on the head already though, about being active. I found that the less active I was, the less active I wanted to be. When I began to be more active, I wanted to be more active. (If that makes any sense!) IOW, the more I'd lay around on the sofa, the more I wanted to lay around on the sofa. I started getting myself up more and more, moving around, going places, and went right back to work. I think the activity did me more good than anything.

One thing that was a little difficult to adjust to was seeing people once everyone knew what was going on. It was a bit teary at first, but now when people ask me how I am and they really want me to tell them what's going on, I can do it with a big smile on my face, and hope in my whole demeanor.

I'd suggest that you check where you are being treated and see if they don't have some counseling available, or maybe support groups that meet somewhere every week. Contact the American Cancer Society or other such organizations in your community and ask them about counseling resources. Talking to others helps a lot, I think, but it is sometimes good to talk to professionals rather than wearing out family and friends!

You have my very best wishes. I have faith that you will get through this.


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I had one treatment of Carbo/Taxol so I can only go by that. It was a week ago last Monday and so far it hasn't been too bad. I had achey muscles and bones but not real unconfortable. I've thrown up a few times but then again it wasn't the gut wrenching gagging stuff, just lost what was in my tummy and went about my business. I have felt depression, this is a depressing situation to be in but I'm hoping that goes away whent he chemo does. I have 3 more treatments and I'm not too nervous over the thought of the next one so all in all it's been pretty tolerable, so far :?


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Dont know about the chemo regiman, but mpm had carboplatin/taxol, which is very similiar, and was given on the same schedule. she has not really had to many probblems. nausea, aches,tired but nothing so bad she couldnt stand it. She has been very lucky with all her treatments so far. and I pray that yours be easy on you also.

From day 1 i have insisted my mom take an antidepressant. how can you NOT be depressed wgen you have just learned you have cancer?? She stilll tells me 3 months laster she doesnt need them, but i still give her one every day in her meds. I have taken antidepessants for yrs at different times in my life. They can work wonders. Just make the day better, like you CAN handle everything they are throwing at you right now. I am pretty that they are not going to hurt or harm you if you try them.

Good luck andyou are in my prayers


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Antidepressants ~ brilliant invention ~ works for me ~ never had them before. But after the first meeting with my oncologist, when whole thing sank in I literally fell apart, was on an emotional rollercoaster & cried at the drop of a hat wherever I happened to be: subway, restaurant etc.

He prescribed clonazepam 0. 5mg every 4 hrs. & it worked immediately.

So far I've had two single doses of Docetaxel ~ only adverse reaction to that medication ~ pimples! nothing else (I went to a "Look Good Feel Better" class yesterday so now I'm armed with all sorts of war paint to deal with the zits)

I'll have my first dose of Cisplatin this coming Monday in conjunction with the Docetaxel, so can't help you there except to stress, as others have to me to DRINK TONS OF WATER day before, day of & day after ~ as well of course as whatever anti nausea pill they gived you . It sounds as if a healthy bowl of multigraqin cereal & prunes should combat the constipation (maybe stool softeners as well ~ gross isn't it?)

I'm using these next 3 days to shop, clean, launder etc. I've bought high quality flavoured protein powder, 'good fat' foods such as avacados, goat cheese ~ well you get the picture.

Picked up my wig yesterday ~ hats, night caps arrived from TLC catalogue. ~ I'm as ready as I can be.

I'll be thinking of you on Monday ~ directing positive thoughts in your direction. We can do this.><!--%20s:wink:%20-->

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I won't give you my opinion on the chemo drugs. I will only say that I got all the side affects during treatment.

Your moods (anger/depression) are completely normal, like everyone has said, get some meds - they will help alot!

I was dx in April and STILL go from being extremely angry and yelling to being completely depressed and feeling sorry for myself!

Hang in there and talk to someone, even if it's just us!

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It's normal to be depressed over this. What isn't okay is for us to allow the depression to go too long untreated. It doesn't matter if we seek therapy through counseling, medication, whatever...just as long as what we do is effective. We are fighting so hard to stay alive...and depression robs us of the ability to take pleasure in that life.

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