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Big, Bad Blood Clot

Kel M

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Hi all,

Mom received the results of her lung scan yesterday. There is no evidence of disease and that deserves a big, fat woohoo!!!

Unfortunately, she does have a blood clot in her lung (same as original or recurrent to be determined). Her oncologist has brought her back into the hospital today for additional tests and a consult with a blood clot specialist. I would sincerely appreciate your prayers as we try to solve the latest side effect mystery. She's been on Heparin for weeks (Coumadin before that) and obviously there's still work to be done on dissolving the clot. :!: What can you do?

Here's to hoping they figure the blood issue out in time for an excellent winter golf season!



P.S. Has anyone else here had recurrent blood clot issues? I'd appreciate any of your thoughts on the matter.

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