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Happy Birthday In Heaven Daddy...


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Today is your birthday. You would have been 66. It will be the first birthday that we will not be able to share together. I can't kiss you happy birthday today or sing it to you or watch you blow out your candles and sing happy birthday. I can't give you your card that says thank you for all that you have given me throughout my lifetime and all you mean to me and that tells you what a wonderful father you are and how much I love you. I can only visit your grave and bring balloons and flowers and leave them for you and hope that you come an visit me, somehow. I never in a million years thought I would have lost you at the age of 65. You were my strength, my rock, my unconditional love, the only man I could ever count on to be there for me always. Like you said to me 3 days before you died, I will always be your baby girl. I know Daddy, and you will always be my Daddy and I will miss you today more than ever and every day for the rest of my life. Until we meet again.....I love you Daddy and Happy Birthday In Heaven My Angel.


Your Baby Girl

P.S. Please take care of Lincoln for me Daddy. He passed away 1 month ago today. Please send me a sign and let me know that you have him with you. I miss him, my little baby bunny cat. I hope he is there with you and Wags too.

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My mom's birthday is tomorrow the 23rd. I know we will miss her so much that day because the wounds are so fresh. She was so close to being 65! But, I think Paige said it best, and all I will say is AMEN PAIGE!!!

God be with us all!

I'll drink a margarita for you tomorrow mom!!

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Thank you all so much for your comforting and kind words and thoughts. They mean so much to me as all of you wonderful people do. You are all always in my thoughts and my heart as well. I did pretty good that day, better than I thought. I think I cried myself out the entire week before and was prepared. My 3 year old daughter and I went to visit "Grandpa's Statue" (that's what I told her it was) and we brought flowers and a happy birthday balloon and we sang Happy Birthday to Grandpa. I managed to do it all with joy in my heart, which was strange. I will never let my daughter forget her Grandpa. She got cheated, but I won't let her be cheated of his memory. She remembers so much that she did with him, even though she was only not yet 3 when he died. Sometimes she shocks me with what she remembers. Once again, thank you all so very much and God Bless.

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Mom would have been 63 on the 13th, and I wish I could have thought of something so nice to even think to her. This has been so hard, being the first year without her, Maybe they are together having a big chocolate cake some where. Your words were nice and I am sure your Dad knows.

Happy birthday to KCs dad from me also. :)

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Thank you Stephanie so much. I do hope they are together up there having a big ol' chocolate cake, my Dad's favorite!! I'm sure they are both smiling down on us, I have to believe that. Take care of yourself. You are a good daughter, and you Mom knew how blessed you both were to have eachother. Happy Birthday Judy B!

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