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Update on Bob


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Just wanted to let you all know he had the lumbar biopsy to find out if his mets are from the prostate or the lung on Thursday. Sees the onc on Wed. for treatment plan. He is very sick.

They did the vertebroplasty procedure as well and we are not sure what he should expect as far as pain now, but he is hurting so bad he is not able to even move around enough to use the bathroom!! It didn't seem like the hospital expected it to be that bad.

They called to check on him yesterday morning and we let them know he was in a lot of pain. They seemed to think that would lessen quickly, but so far it has not.

Art and I are going there tonight for awhile with dinner and hope he can eat a bit. Jo is very scared and worried, and we hope to give her some tlc as well.

Please send a prayer their way.

Thanks so much



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So sorry to hear that he's in such pain. It seems to have caught the medical team by surprise so I'm hoping that with some insistence from Jo with the support of Art and you, they can be persuaded to work a bit harder on getting it under control. I'll be thinking of him and hoping that they can come up with a good, fast treatment plan.


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