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wish me luck!


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Hi all,

I will leave home in a little while to have a stent removal proceedure done at Rhode Island Hospital. The stent was put in last fall when I was jaundiced from advanced sclc to the pancreas. I have been in remission for 10 mos. YAY!

The last time they replaced the stent (4 mos. ago,) I woke up during the proceedure. NOT FUN. This time they will not replace it unless they see something suspicious.

I'm still on steroids for pneumonitis and still am dealing with the cardiomyopathy. But other than being sleepy most of the time, things are going well. I've been wondering if other people feel the same as I do about remission. As the time goes by, I worry more that it will probably come back (considering the type of cancer & the stage). As I continue to keep Drs. appts., I get the feeling that they really don't know what to do with me, as they can't treat someone who doesn't need anything.

Anyone else feel the same?

I pray daily for all of us, and although I don't post much, I love this site & all of you out there. Claire

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My thoughts and prayers are with you. Medical procedures are NOT the greatest way to spend a day, huh!

My thoughts are usually more along the line of whether they know what they are doing or not! :P

Seriously though, I've learned the value of asking lots of questions and seeking answers from more than one doc if I don't feel comfy with what they are telling me. You just hang in there -- you are a real fighter, and you have my deepest admiration for that!


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