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Update on us


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I just had Alex's parent / teacher conference and it went pretty good. Alex rec'd all 3's (B's) with the exception of one grade. I thought that was great. He's even reading above his grade level! I'm really proud of him.

The teacher said she can look over at him and his mind is wondering at times - I told her I knew exactly how that was! I've never experienced this kind of grief - it is almost impossible to keep your mind "on task" all the time. I'm sure it's even harder when you are 8.

Alex and I had some good "quality" time together last night looking at his baby book and talking about Robert. It was quite hard. There were tons of pictures of Robert, Alex's great grandmother and his beloved dog Annie. He really showed some emotion and I was so grateful. He's such a smart guy - he has a great little spirit.

He keeps me going I must admit. If I didn't have him I don't think I could have the strength to survive.

Well, I hope you are all doing "ok". The change of seasons has been difficult for me as well as the thought of Robert not being here for our 11th wedding anniversary on Saturday. I miss him

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Katie and I do that all the time. And not only does it keep Becky's memory alive in Katie, but it helps me to remember things in better perspective. It is too easy to only remember Becky with cancer, weakened, on oxygen, even just remember the day she died. Those photo albums for me restore the balance. She was such a strong woman, so indominatible, and so fun, and those happy memories come out too. We had 9+ years together that were happy and healthy, and 15 months that were not healthy but still pretty darn happy. Those albums are still bittersweet, there is no question. But they are less bitter and more sweet every time we open them. Remember the good times too.


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Joni, my heart just aches for you and Alex. I really don't have any words to comfort you but just want you to know that you guys are in my prayers. Alex sounds like quite a little guy. Sounds like the picture albums might be healing for both of you.

Prayers and hugs,

Nancy B

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Dear Joni,

I, too, think of you often. Your post really touched my heart. Thank GOD for Alex. He sounds like such a good, dear, sweet little boy. I'm sure he is because he certainly has a good, dear, sweet mommy. You have both been blessed with each other, and the two of you will heal together.

All my love,


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