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Symbols of Hope

cindi o'h

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It was late Autumn of 2002 that I got the shocking news that I had inoperable lung cancer.

It was amazing to me to see the people that I didn't expect rally around wanting to do "something".

A crew of friends came over and cleaned out the flower beds. One of the gestures that stayed with me for so long was the planting of Spring flowering bulbs. At that time, I cried, I truly did not expect to see the Spring and the sweet green pop through the ground.

When the tulips and daffodils did show, it brought tears to my eyes, remembering the hopeless feelings that I had while the gang was planting them. There was hope in a beautiful array of colors that was tangilbe.

Last year, I planted bulbs again...this time by myself. I knew that it was something that I could look forward to the following Spring. This time, I had more confidence that I would see them in the Spring, which I did.

This Autumn, because I will be moving, I won't be planting the bulbs. And I already miss not seeing them next Spring. I need to find another way to look forward to the next season, another season that I intend to experience.

Cindi o'h

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Last weekend, I planted my daffodil bulbs. And tomorrow, I'm planting a whole bunch - and I mean a BUNCH! - of red tulip bulbs. So I'm counting on you to come see them blooming beautifully in the Spring.

Praying for us all,


P.S. And you can show up tomorrow to help with the planting if you want to! :lol:

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My husband and youngest step son reset stones in the garden last year and helped me plant bulbs. Like you, I didn't think I'd make it to spring (and I had surgery, just still had a LOT of pain and thought I'd die in my sleep before Christmas even) and when I saw all those green shoots beginning to peek through the snow, I somehow felt everything was going to be okay... Sold that house in May, I believe the beautiful blooms helped to sell it, the gardens were FULL of yellows, reds and oranges...

We're still waiting to move into the new house...hubby and I planted bulbs last weekend, buckets full of them! (They're in buckets because I planted them this summer...and all the trucks in my yard crushed many and messed up my 'pattern' so I dug 'em all back up to plant when the trucks were finished.) We planted trees, we planted bushes (four lilacs - purple, yellow, white and butterfly bushes - white and purple), we planted flowers...and I'm SOOOO looking forward to spring to see if any of them have decided to grow up at my house.

If you're moving, find a public garden you can visit...or an inexpensive private one that gives tours. Our city has a large garden, complete with conservatory. In the spring, they bring in butterflies in coccoons and the public (for a fee) can tour and even WATCH them come out of their little sleeping bags. Maybe your new neighbors will have gardens, or you'll be surprised in a new house with bulbs already nestled in the ground...

I think the flowers are the key, the croccus especially, harbingers of spring - season of life. Fortitude is visible when the leaves poke through the snow and the itty bitty buds come up and bloom in a carpet of white...purple, yellow, white and striped...

Take care,


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Buy some tulip bulbs (or Jonquils or grape hyacinths, or snow drops or whatever makes your heart go pitter patter), buy a few flower pots that are at least 8 inches deep, some good potting soil, some gravel for drainage. Pot up the bulbs and leave them outside for the winter. Those pots can move with you depending upon where you are moving to, and those bulbs won't care if they're blooming in pots or in the ground.

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I have daffodils to get in the ground myself before the weather gets bad. We have lots of nice bulbs but I still try to get about 100 in the ground every fall, so that the yard improves every year.

Last fall, I was getting chemo and recovering from surgery and just too sick to think about it. Of course, when spring came, I sure wish I had made that effort just one day last fall, but we still had lots of beautiful daffodils and tulips to see this spring.

But, you're right, bulbs pushing up out of a dreary winter soil are such a welcome sight in March here in Chicagoland. Can't wait to see them every year, and now next year I will have more to look at than before.


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