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I'm Still Here


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Hi everybody. I have not posted in a while but am still here. I have been reading a lot but not posting. Been kinda busy here. Been going back and forth with my insurance company. They are wanting to drop my health coverage. I have been busy with that the last few days. Have 2 appointments this week but cancelled them cause of this. Insurance and I sort of met in the middle. It is a long story but anyway I have coverage for another year untill my Medicare kicks in.

Am glad to see that everybody is doing the same (or better). Elaine...I think the guys should be able to vote in the poll twice. There are more ladies then men and therefore if we vote twice it might equal out. :lol::lol::lol: Frank you and John have posted some good ones. Perhaps we got started on Nov. Can't find my jokes cause my comp is full of junk.

Anyway everybody take care and I get caught up soon.

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Good to hear from you again, Bruce. You, too, have been missed. I can truly relate to the insurance issues you've been trying to handle. I needed to wait to see who would be my Congressional Rep before I turn my latest little insurance problems into another Congressional Complaint. It's assinine that we have to spend our time and energy on this kind of garbage.

At any rate, I hope you have rescheduled your appointments now that the coverage is back in place. And I hope you are feeling well.

PS The guys have needed you to bolster up their efforts at humor, and just about everything else! :wink:

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It must be the season for weird insurance stuff. My premium went way up, of course, and now some company is calling claiming to "manage" my health plan and another health plan, and they want to offer me a new plan that won't cost so much. Yeahright. Like my deductible would be what -- $10,000? Hahaha ... :roll:

Oh well. Good to see you posting again, and glad you're ok!


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Bruce, I am so happy to see your post. Was thinking last night it had been awhile and hoping things were ok.

That is terrible about the insurance stuff! It's such a nasty thing to put someone through that fight when one is so busy battling a disease!



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