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Something I was unprepared for


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I've had a head cold for the past couple of days, my first general illness since my lobectomy this past Sept. Last Monday was 6 Weeks since my surgery and I was starting to feel fairly good and WHAM a head cold. It's been like the first week after surgery hard to breathe very discouraging.. Is this the way I'm going to feel everytime I get a cold or virus ? Last week I was walking 2 miles a day, since the head cold I get out of breath going up and down my 12 steps to the washer and dryer. Does it get better ? Is it just because I've not had time to expand my lung fully ? I am suppose to go back to work this coming Fri on the 19th. I've always work with colds is this going to change now ? Am I going to be confined to home for 7 or more days ? Also how many of you went back to work after treatment (surgery,chemo etc) I'm I going to be able to work 40 hours a week or am I expecting too much too soon ?


NSCLC 43 y/o

Sept 2004 upper right lobectomy

no further treatment / lymphs not involved


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Take it easy.. that is what I would suggest. And no, when I get a cold these days, it is just a normal cold, like anyone else. I tend to take care of myself a little better when I do, because I do have a fear of it going into bronchitis or whatever, but other than that, it is okay.

You just had major surgery. It is going to take your body time to get back to itself. Might as well try to find patience somewhere... :roll: , I think that's something we all had to find in our "new normal"!!

I went back to work 10 weeks after my surgery and although at first it was taxing sometimes, every week was an improvement. You will be fine..just rest when you need to...

Feel better soon..

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I echo what Debi said--you've just had some major surgery, and if you've been walking two miles, you're doing fine. A cold takes the wind out of the sails of all people, and, although I haven't had a cold since my surgery, if I get one, I plan to take better care of myself than I otherwise would have, such as take a day or two off work for the worst of it and rest, and then go back to work. Rather than working thru the whole darn thing feeling terrible.

I was able to go back to work fairly quickly, and I have been working a regular schedule ever since I returned after surgery. One doc told me that I should feel better than I did before because it's better for a person to have less lung tissue, if it is all healthy, than all of their lung tissue, and have some of it diseased. Does that make sense????

If I were to give you any big advice, it would be to be sure you get plenty of fluids and as much rest as you possibly can till the cold goes away. Then get right back up and push the exercise--it will get that lung capacity back up where you want it to be.

Good luck to you.


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My surgeon disabled me for 8 weeks, but I was able to take the rest of the summer and rest (schoolteacher). And since I am a teacher, and have heavy fall allergies, I am always coughing and blowing my nose! :wink: I had a tough adjustment that first 6 months, and relied heavily on an inhaler.

I know I get freaked out when I have a cold--my first symptons were a bad cough. Try to relax--

My new theory on stress is: get a facial!


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My surgery was 2 1/2 yrs ago (pneumonectomy of left lung) and i just got my first cold (sinus/ear infection). YUCK... mostly it was frightening to be sick again and like everyone I worried that I would get bronchitis or something. I really didn't have trouble breathing at least not because of my lung anyway. My nose was just too stuffed. It did limit me a little and I didn't walk as much or as far but I still worked with it and I'm getting better. Your just recovering from surgery it takes a while to get that lung strength back.

the next cold you get (hopefully a loooong time down the road) will be easier to manage-you'll see.

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Had my surgery 9-15-03 went back to work the end of Jan2004. Haven't

been sick yet. I think I'm just lucky. Stay home as long as your able to

regain strength. I think it definitely helped me out. Take care!

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I went back to work 3 1/2 weeks after lung surgery. I had a little plueral efussion due to treatment, but just stopped when necessary to catch my breath. About a year later I was back in the hospital to have a pericardial window put in. I was in the hospital two weeks, and back at work in another two weeks. I too walked everyday and believe that it does help lung capacity. I had a cold and took 4 days off. I recovered quick, but apparantly not fast enough. My work wants me to take FMLA. I'm out only one day a week cause of chemo, which ends Dec.7th? It has been a battle. How is your work about taking some extra time off due to the cold. Your immune system is compromised right now.


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I am extemely lucky w/ work. I work for an extremely well known and

large co. Plus I've worked w/ all these people for about 25 yrs. I have

6sick days, 4 wks. vacation and 6months short tem disability. And (god

forbid if need be) long term disability. So taking time off is not a issue.

My problem is people who think because surgery is over cancer is gone

forever and I'm cured. Hopefully that's true, but there are people who

believe there is a cure for cancer. From there lips to god's ears!!! I fine

alot of people are sooo ignorate of there own bodies and are clueless of

it's workings. Good luck to you. I don't know what kind of work you

do or who you work for, but the USA has soooo many good laws to help

people in our situation. Hang in there and always fine away.

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