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Graduation Day!


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Thursday was definitely a good one in the Nodelman household. Len had his last radiation treatment, concluding the siege of diagnoses and treatment that began last April: surgery at the end of April, chemo over the summer and radiation for the fall – all now past tense. He has actually been very lucky, if that is a word you can use for someone diagnosed with lung cancer. He bounced back fairly quickly from the lobectomy, withstood four cycles of chemo without much ill effect aside from some fluctuating blood counts which were quickly corrected by neulasta and procrit, then got through the radiation with only a mild reddening of his skin at the site, some irritation of the esophagus (not bad, really, and carafate helped) and some fatigue that is worse now that it's over. Just the cumulative effect, I guess. The biggest irritant was having to go every day for five and a half weeks; it took longer to drive there (a 30 minute drive each way) than to be treated which took all of five minutes once we got there.

Despite the fact that we're deeply indebted to the doctors and have become very fond of them besides, we’re glad we don’t have to see quite so much of them now. Len goes back for a check-up (and another blood test) with the radiation oncologist in a month, then has yet another blood test and a chest xray right before he sees the medical oncologist in February. He’ll alternate chest xrays and CT scans every three months for the foreseeable future.

Of course, we won’t quite know what to do with all the time that we’ll now have on our hands. Maybe Len will actually get back to painting.....


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What great news, Ellen! You guys need to celebrate. I had radiation treatments for my prostate cancer -- 7 1/2 weeks, 5 days a week -- so I can appreciate how that takes over your life. I, too, drove for 30 min., was there about 15 min, and then drove back home for 30 min. But it worked, so it was well worth the aggrevation. Best to you all. Don

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I hope Len got to move his tassle to the other side, this graduation may have much more meaning than others.

I, too, believe that Carafat was a life saver for Earl having really very few side effects from his radiation.

May you enjoy this holiday season with this free time to enjoy family and friends and personal pursuits.

I hope Len has nothing but good news from this time forward.

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