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Double Whammy!!!


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First of all Congratulations Steve and Lucie!!!! I'm so thrilled that you have gotten good reports!! Things here have been like a roller coaster and I have not posted for a while but have been trying to keep up on everyone.

As you all know I had the upper right lobe of the my lung removed on 1 Nov. and every thing went fine. I was suppose to go back for a follow up visit last Thurs. 18 Nov. Welllllllllllllll, Tuesday 16 Nov I started having chest pains like a boot was just stomped in my chest and just sitting there, I felt it was heart burn. My son decides to take me to the hospital, but stops at the ENT station and they decide to take me by ambulance to the ER. The ole boot left my chest after one giant burp during the ride to the ER!!!

There's a lot involved about how they read the wrong CT scan and told my Prim Doc I had a blood clot in the lung and a few other things... so my Prim Doc came to the ER, looked at the CT scans himself, pitched a fit because they were someone elses CT scans the ER Dr was reading!!! Anyway Prim Doc admitted me, he felt it was heart related, not lung, and I felt really stupid thinking I was causing all this fuss over heart burn!!!

Had a heart cath the next morning and they found 80% blockage in the left anterior descending coronary artery, 30% at the origin of the bifurcation of the first diagonal (don't know what that is, but it's on the paper work :roll: ), and 10% in the left main coronary artery!!!!

I had a stent with cutting balloon angioplasty on the 80% blockage whick left me with 0% blockage there, and they said the other wasn't serious enough to do anything with right now. Just diet change and exercise.

They released me in time on Thurs to make it to my follow up appt for my lung surgery. My Surgeon said everything looks really good and it was a cure, but they reccomend a round of chemo as a precaution. He was really upset about my heart problems. He acted like he had made a mistake and said we were blessed during the surgery because I could have gone into cardiac arrest on the table!!! He did every test he could except for a cardiac cath, so it wasn't his fault it wasn't caught prior to surgery. If any of the tests had shown this heart problem, he wouldn't of been able to do the surgery, so I'm glad it didn't show up!!!! He's not sure now if the onco will do the chemo because of the heart, but referred me to them for assesment. Because of the holidays I can't get in until 7 Dec, which may put me out of the four to six week time period from surgery that they like to do the chemo. But you know what:

I am blessed!!!!!!

This whole ordeal stated with a head cold!!!!!!! God has a plan for me, I'm not sure what it is, but I have sure been blessed through this whole ordeal!!!! Lungs and heart both at the same time and both caught in early stages before any permanent damage is done......... WOW!!!

I want to thank you all for all your prayers and well wishes!!! They are still needed and requested!! I'm hangin in there with everyone and pray for everyone daily. I may not be able to post as often as I would like, but know that I'm here with you!!! I'm really tired and must lay down for a bit!!

Hugs and prayers!!!

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You have a remarkable attitude and much to be thankful for this week. I'm glad the pain is easing and hope your recovery kicks into high gear.

Get your rest and come back soon to let us know how well you are.

Love and prayers,

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I am awfully glad to hear about you and how you are doing. Look at me, too, girlfriend... I had a heart attack and stent 90% blocked Right Coronary Artery one year post LC diagnosis! I know that I should have gotten shook up. I did for about three minutes. And then I just let the professionals take over. I felt like this was a piece of cake. Drive through angiogram, angioplasty and stent... No problem... I have bigger fish to fry. Wish you didn't just have the lung surgery so that you could know exactly what I mean. But, I have a feeling that you kinda do already.

I have very high hopes for you, Paula. I think you have a fabulous team of docs on your side. I just love your primary.... Coming to the ER...very impressive.

Many continued prayers.

Cindi o'h

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I had wondered why we hadn't heard from you lately. I figured you were just resting and walking etc. What an ordeal with the heart blockage. All I can say is congratulations that they found it early and could do something about it right now. Take is easy for a few days. Dec 7 is not that far away. You can start the chemo then. I wish you a very happy thanksgiving and hope you don't overdo. Have someone else do that cooking and you just enjoy the meal and time with your family. I keep you in my daily prayers.


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Paula, it sounds like you have lots to celebrate on Thanksgiving! As I was reading your post, my mind went just like your surgeon, what a wonderful thing that blockage did not complain under the stress of your lung surgery, how polite to wait til it was all over! Thanks for sharing. Donna G

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