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Letting me know he's OK?


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My partner passed away October 27. One of his daily routines for many years was to make sure our answering machine was turned on whenever we left the house. He was an attorney and he had clients, etc. always calling him. Anyway, he could be pulling away from the house and he’d go back to make sure that the machine was turned on. We had many discussions about why this was so necessary. If I forgot to do it he’d get on my case. I could care less that the machine was always turned on. The second week after his death, his son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter stayed with me for the weekend. Several times when we returned from being out the answering machine was turned on and there were messages. I didn’t turn it on and I just thought that his son did. He also hadn’t touched the machine. This happened each time we left the house throughout the entire weekend. I kept turning it off and then it would turn itself back on. The following week I made sure the machine was turned off because his voice was on the machine. When I came home from work several times, the machine was turned on. I thought I was going crazy. This never happened all the years we were together. One day I just decided to make sure the machine was off and when I got to work called the house. The machine was on and his voice was answering the calls. I don’t know what this means but some friends told me it’s his way of letting me know he’s still around. In some ways that’s very comforting. :D

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Hi Tom,

Many of us have experienced similar phenomena. I choose to believe that my father was communicating his enduring presence, and many others believe the same about their loved ones after these experiences. It seems that, universally, people find these occurrences comforting. And that is a beautiful thing. Peace to you, Teresa

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