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Just to whine.


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Well folks just not getting better here. Restarted Steroids Monday but they haven't helped a whit yet. My brain feels like mush, I can dance by myself (forward, backward, etc.) Can't work because I can't form rational decisions. I have lost 13 lbs. in 2 weeks. because of the thrust everything taste awful. My doc says give it a little more time. But boy, am I getting bored and cranky. The fatique is worse than with the chemo. I would have to think very seriously before I had PCI again. Well, just a little witch session there. Calgon take me away!!

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Dear Hopeful2,

I'm sorry to hear you're having such a difficult time. I wish I could help you in some way. Even though you're having side effects from the PCI, I'm sure it has helped you. Please know i'm thinking of you and saying some prayers for you to feel better, more yourself, soon.


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My mom also got thrush really bad, her onc. said it was from the steriods. They perscribed two medications to treat it as it is caused from yeast. Diflucan capsules and a orangeish color medicine they called swish and swallow, that was not the techinical name, just what I remember them calling it.

I pray that you get feeling better soon.


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my mom also had full head radiation. She has three brain mets. She fully agrees that the side effects of full head radiation are absolutely horrible. They made her sooooooo tired she could not walk stairs. She decided during the side effects that she did not want to continue with treatment. She hasn't gone back yet and I am praying still that she changes her mind and goes for the follow up MRI on 7/7 to see if the head radiation worked or not.

I pray for you and all of us

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Guest Janet W password no work!

For thrush we have always used yogurt. Plain old simple yogurt. We make sure we have the kind that says "active cultures" and just eat it. It works hard on yeast, at least it does for us.

We've also used capsules of acidophilus which are available most vitamin stores or health food stores/departments. Those usually work well for us also.

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