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Upset again!


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Upset again. I was doing pretty good until my son came home from school today.

The regulars might remember how happy I was back in Sept when school started and I found out the my son's teacher (Mrs. R) has a mother with lung cancer. How reassured I felt that he was in the best hands possible. Well he is! If anyone understands him it would be his teacher.

Anyway, Mrs. R's mother just passed away. I don't know much about her dx, I only know that in October they didn't expect her to live long.

Not sure why this is hitting me so hard, other then my son is close to his teacher and I felt a kinship with her mother (even though I had never spoken to her) because we both have the same disease.

Just wanted to make an honorable mention to a fellow LC patient and a teacher who is worth a million!


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I had a similar reaction when my stats professor's wife died a month ago or so. I had never met her, and Dr. Sun and I have a kinship that was based on the disease. And now we have an even closer one that we acknowledge but don't really talk about yet.

And one of the things that attracted me to the daycare that Katie is at is the director lost her father when she was four. And so she sees a lot of herself in Katie, and they love on her like crazy there.

I am sorry that we have lost this kindred soul. I wish for you peace.


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I, too, understand how you feel. I have a friend, who was really more of an acquaintance than a close friend. Her husband had cancer that I think started in his kidneys. Anyway, he struggled and fought it for four years and died several months ago. My friend was moving to New Jersey to be closer to her kids and we had a big going away lunch for her. Even though she was really more of an acquaintance and I didn't even know her husband, I fought back tears during the entire lunch and when we finally hugged, I couldn't hold them back anymore.

I think there's just a bond, or an understanding of some sort that melds us all together.

I hope your son is doing ok, Beth.



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Tears fill my eyes, has I think of you and your son. Curtis, I am so sad for you and Katie. Peggy, we all share something in comon. Cancer effects everybody in the family. I think on some level this disease connects us to one another. I thought of several people tonight, who passed away very quickly. They were so hopeful and positive. I feel better for knowing them. I can only hope that I have as much courage when my time comes. I don't know why I am still hear. I am no more special than them. WE want to live. and love, and experience life. Life seems like a blink of an eye. I will never sit around and complain about my life ever again, God has given me this life, and I will make the most of it.


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