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Update on MurielK - by MurielK


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Hi! Not there (FL) yet. At neighbors house. Leave on 12/16 via auto train. Van left Tuesday and will deliver on 12/13. Hubby flies to Orlando on Sunday the 12th. Son and friend and two large retrievers (Lab and Golden) drive there on Sat/Sun.

I came home from the hospital on Tues (4 day. post op). Doing ok. On Sat. morning, Husband admitted to hospital for complications from a colonoscopy (two weeks ago). He's fine and was discharged on Mon. afternoon. All of the work to get ready for the packers and movers was done by work colleagues, old college friends, and neighbors. Wonderful people.

I have a million hospital stories to tell, but will wait till I feel a little better (and am absolutely certain I"ll never be in that hospital again.)

We all did survive, however. Lost the upper lobe of my L lung. Already missing upper R lobe. Not completely adjusted yet, but things are coming along ok.

If there is a chat tonight, I probably wont make it, but will try for next Tuesday.

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Boy...things are never simple, are they? Becky, if you're in touch with Muriel, please tell her we all send her vibes of calm and comfort...plus a few good health vibes for her AND her hubby!!

Hope the rest of the move goes well for everyone and that Muriel heals rapidly and fully from surgery. And I'll just BET she's got some rare hospital tales to share with us later.... :roll:

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You are a champion my dear.

We did not know how in the world all of this was going to happen for you and you pulled this off like magic out of thin air. I am sure that it was not easy, but you made it happen. I love your friends!! I would like to borrow a few!

Thanks for the update, Becky.

cindi o'h.

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