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Hi all,

Just thought I'd introduce myself after reading so much valuable information and words of kindness and encouragement.

Here goes: It all started last year, I developed a continuous cough accompanied by lower right pain in my back (felt like my lung) but I didn't get around to having my chest x-rayed, I don't know why but I just put it off and soldered on even though the pain and cough persisted. Then a few weeks ago I noticed a tingling in my left hand and both feet which lasted a few days and seemed to go away.

Shortly after I started getting pains in both sides of the chest, the pain was so severe I went to see my doc who initially took some blood tests and gave some moderate pain killers. The blood tests came back ok so the doc checked my chest with a stethoscope, as soon as he did - he got on the phone to the nurse in the surgery and said "we have a physical sign" within a few moments the nurse was in the same room and confirmed lower right lobe obstruction.

A chest xray was scheduled and I was prescribed Co codamol 30/500 and Naproxen which has managed to control the pain to the point where at least I can sleep (I'd only been getting a few hours prior to that which was torture)

I attended the chest xray yeterday and now have to wait up to 10 days before I know the results, which is going to feel like an eternity.

Over the last week I've been researching as many sites as I could find and assume I have sclc, (mets) I say this because I feel pain in the bones in my leg and the tingling has returned to my hand and legs.

Well thanks for reading my post, I'll keep you informed of the chest x-ray and looking forward to reading all the posts here which have cheered me up quite a bit, I don't feel so isolated anymore.


_Nick 42 married to a Wonderful Lady with two Wonderful girls (aged 7/16)_

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Hi, Nick, welcome to the site and by the way, this is the best place I have found on the net for info and support. I will be thinking of you and hoping for the best for the next few days. Even if it is bad news, you will see on here that there is a lot that can be done. Keep in touch. Margaret

Where abouts are you by the way?

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Welcome but I hope you don't have to stay. Don't jump to conclusions about what may be causing your symptoms, it could be many things.

There is a story here of a woman who decided to read her brain MRI herself (she had the films to take to her dr). She freaked because she saw two large tumors. Oops, those tumors turned out to be her eye sockets. So self diagnosis is not a great idea.

Keep us posted and try to stay calm.

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Hi Margaret and Ginny thanks for the reply it's appreciated :)

Margaret I am from Plymouth Uk where coincidentally we have the highest rate of lung Cancer in the country.

Yes you are so right about this site, the info and support is second to none. There seems to be a wealth of information about Cancer but very few places where you can discuss the issues with like minded people.


"There is a story here of a woman who decided to read her brain MRI herself (she had the films to take to her dr). She freaked because she saw two large tumors. Oops, those tumors turned out to be her eye sockets. So self diagnosis is not a great idea."


Of course Ginny I shouldn't jump to conclusions about what is causing my symptoms but its hard not to.

To be truthful I originally thought it was a chest infection but when my doc said "we have a physical sign" and prescribed the Co codamol 30/500 the first thing I entered into my Internet search engine mentioned

relief for severe pain from cancer, the other symptoms all point to sclc but obviously I'd love to be wrong but I am getting that nagging feeling.

The time delay on the Xray result isn't helping. I'll try to stay calm :D

PS I forgot to mention I am a smoker.

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Welcome Nick. Ten days must seem like an eternity! You are very young, only 42, and have very young children. Please let us know how your tests come out, we are waiting to hear. Donna G

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Nick, welcome to our support family.There are lots of knowing and caring people here.Wow 10 days seems like forever to wait for anything.The beginning of this roller coaster ride has always seemed the worse to me.

Once you know exactly what you have & where & etc, & etc.Then your able to roll up the sleeves and kick cancers butt.The waiting and worrying are the worst.

Hoping things turn out better than your hoping.Please keep us informed.

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Hi Donna and Frank once again thanks for the reply it really is appreciated.

I already feel part of the family here, that means a lot to me it really does.

Donna part of my anxiety stems from the fact I feel I'll be letting my girls down, I really feel guilty about the whole thing, after all it was my choice to smoke even though I knew the risks but until I know what I am up against there's really not much I can do, obviously I am already planning in my mind how to approach the issue with them (worst case scenario)

Frank, yes the waiting part is hard but I am ready to enter the struggle and win or loose I take comfort from the fact that nothing can take the quality time I've had. In a strange way I am starting to see things clearer than I have in a very long time.

From now on its one day at a time for sure.

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Hello Nick-

Welcome, sorry you had to find this site! Waiting is so hard, I had one of those calls that the doctor wants to talk to you about the CAT Scan results. I knew the doctor wasn't calling me in to see my beautiful face!

Try to stay calm (easier said then done!). One thing I have learned coming to this site........DO NOT beat yourself up for smoking! Just because you smoked you do not deserve cancer (if that's what it is). I felt guilty in the beginning but everyone here taught me that it doesn't matter.

Keep us posted and remember, it may not be cancer! :)

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Hi Ken, Rochelle, Beth and Don.

Thanks for the replies, very much appreciated.

Most of the advice here seems to be stay calm and try not to focus on what I am against until I actually need to.

Until the test results arrive I am going to try to focus on Christmas and all the fun it should be :)

Anyway regardless of the results I am really glad I found this place, its changed my perspective on life forever.

Hey the good news is the girls will soon be home for the chrimbo holiday so the place here won't be so quiet and give me much time to ponder my situation.

Take care.

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Welcome. Hope you don't stay long. know what I mean?

Great idea to keep your loves around you and occupied. Best way to beat down the spooks...they don't like to be around when others are..they like to get you when you are all by yourself.

Hey, what is chrimbo holiday? Help me out here, Nick.

I am going to be checking up on you and watching for your post. I'm thinking that if it were cancer, that the doc would have told you right away, though. So, that is my way of trying to cheer you up.

Cindi o'h

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Hi Nick,

I just wanted to welcome you and tell you that I will keep you in my prayers. Sorry you have to wait so long for the results. All of us know how hard it is waitiing for test results. Anyway, I will be praying that yours show things aren't nearly as bad as you think. If they show you have cancer, know that you have found a wonderful group to be with . This board is second to none for information and warm , compassionate people. Take care.. and God Bless.


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Hi Cindi o'h and Sue :wink:

I think before long I will have said hi to everyone here.

Cindi o'h I am not sure about the length of my stay, one thing is for sure either way the fact the help and support here is very real makes a huge difference.

Oh the Chrimbo Holiday is just a Uk term for Christmas.

Thanks for keeping an eye on me.


Sue, thanks for the welcome.

Yes the waiting is really hard, especially when my body is telling my mind the worst.

If I have the big C I know I am not going to be alone, I can draw on the strength and support here.

I feel very lucky I found this place, very lucky!

Thank you.

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