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chemo concern


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Ray A.

You're one of my heros, so please don't take this amiss, but YOU HAVEN'T BY ANY CHANCE BEEN KEEPING YOUR EYES CROSSED TOO have you? 8):wink:

Seriously, I haven't had chemo yet, so I can't say, sorry. Hoping you are feeling better.

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My husband did have headaches. We read on one of the chemo drug sheets that they are a possible side effect. The oncology nurse who treated him on the second round also suggested that the stress and tension my husband was experiencing during the chemo and subsequent illness was causing muscle tension and knots in the neck and back which could be the cause of the headaches.

He had accupuncture a couple of times, and he said it seemed to help a little.

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STRESS WHOS HAVEING STRESSS :?:?:?:?:shock::shock:

I think im getting enough water I pass all the tests. They give me saline solution when I get chemo. Last friday I got my third treatment for the first cycle. All this time I thought I was doing great with the chemo. Only one day a week was bad. This week the Chemo is kicking my A$$. Im beat every day so far. no wonder they give you a week off.

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