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well, we got the results today. my mom had a pet scan 6 weeks ago and the tumor on her lung grew from 4.2 cm to 6.5cm. it also states possible degeneration on the bone and recommends a bone scan. there are several noted "nodules" how can this grow this quick? she went from feeling great to terrible in 2 weeks. we meet w/ the dr. on tuesday and then she must go back on chemo immediately. i feel guilty because she had the choice to take a small break or continue chemo right away. (the dr. did recommend the break first) she then chose to listen to him. i should have made her continue chemo. i am so scared. is there still a chance? please help.

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Did the dr. recommend radiation in your mom's case? If not, why not? Your mom felt she needed a break, only she can determine that by how she feels. You can't really know, so please don't feel guilty about that - that's in the past now. What matters now is going back to chemo, as the dr. sugggests asap since small cell grows very fast. That's why i question about radiation. Maybe this could be brought up to the dr.? Also, the dr. must feel there IS HOPE, otherwise they wouldn't suggest chemo, right? Please try to be positive, think ahead and know we're all praying for you and your Mom. There will be better days ahead.


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now god dont roll your eyes...yes its shellie again. god WE ALL need your healing powers right now, please god, things are going really great for some of us and WE ALL so appreciate that because it gives us all hope. but GOD there are those of us who are getting a little scared now and need your help urgently today. Debbies mom for instance needs your immediate intervention to STOP the cancer now, today, this second. Will you do that for her god. PLEASE.

while your at it god, my mom, katieB's dad, carleen's husband, lucie wood, sam, daveG, Ray, Rayroy, Jay, Tiny, LindaMRG, becky, debaroo, rick, christina, gail, daveC. carlton, marta, peggy, Shelly (carol's daughter) natalie, connie, what god,,, yes yes I am finishing up just a second here anniemac, michellezp, OK OK and everyone else on the board really really want your healing powers for our loved ones as well as ourselves. SO please please god come to us today and reach down from heaven and heal us and our loved ones Today.

thanks god, shelli out for now. talk to you agian at 5 pm est. god

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Please Please do not feel guilty, and do not give up hope.

The unfortunate fact is the SCLC grows rapidly. The Good news is, as Katie said, it responds well with Chemo. Your mom probably really needed the break to regain some strength and now she is more ready and capable of resuming the fight. I think that with a new round of Chemo, your mom will be right back in the game and shrinking that tumor back down. There was a post I read yesterday that had good news of a tumor the size of a baseball that shrank to the size of a quarter. It CAN be done.

I am praying for you and mom. (((((DEB)))))))))))


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thank you so much for responding. i dont know what i would do without this site. i am a stay at home mother of 3 under 2 1/2 yrs old. my day consists of cleaning, cooking, taking care of my kids, and coming to this site. it is an addiction! it is so nice to here positive stories for a change. to answer your question, my mom was on chemo, then radiation. radiation is not an option because she already had 5 weeks of it. i guess the radiation kept it from growing or spreading, but did not make it any smaller. i just hope that she responds to a new chemo.

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Deb, from one Deb to another, no regrets...ok? I know that it is hard, but the fact that you have come to this board seeking information and support is not only of help to you, but to your mom too. And also, think of it this way, your mom got a break from chemo, which probably gave her some time to build up her strength again, which will work in her favor. SCLC is very responsive to chemo, and that is a definate plus.

By the way, your dad sounds remarkably like mine-except my two girls are a just turned 5 year old and a 2 1/2 year old...and I do the same thing, between chores around the house, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. and running any errands-I come to this site whenever I can to check up on posts, and when I have time, I post too, or I make a mental note to make it back to someones post to respond.

We can't hold ourselves responsible for what the disease does, or for decisions our parents may make-difficult as that may sometimes be-because they are adults, and they must have some control over decision making-ultimatly they are the ones that have to be able to deal with side-effects of not only the disease but of the treatment too.

As loved ones, we must cut ourselves some slack. There is a point where we must have faith in the doctors, unless of course they are complete a*holes-of course :lol: .

Take care, Deb, and you are in my thoughts and prayers...Deb

So, cut

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