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Results are in! NED again with plueral effusion


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Got my scans this am and results in the afternoon! I have never had them so quickly. I have a copy faxed to me at home so I usually get them before my Docs.

I am very NED, BUT I have extensive radiation damage:


"Interval development of right lung airspace disease and small pleural effusion."

All Docs involved said this is nothing to worry about, is to be expected and explains my BIG cough. Basically, I was told just deal with the fallout, your still alive kinda attitude.

Anyone w/ experience of airspace disease and pleural effusion post radiation?



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Congratulations on NED!!! I'm so glad. I think my Mom had that, its kindof like a paralyzed lobe from the damage of radiation of her upper right lobe (not as much air gets in there). She got the plueral effusion in May after her treatments in March which she calls like Pnuemonia. But it cleared up and shes doing good. I will pray that it goes away soon!!!




God Bless You,





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