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A sure sign of spring!


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Not sure about you southerners (read "people without snow"), but I'm really looking forward to spring. Imagine my delight when heading out to lunch with a friend today and seeing a ROBIN! Yes, on the last day of January, I saw a ROBIN picking through the snow in Michigan.

For you who do not know the old wives' tales, once the robins head back from their winter migration, there is snow "on their back" three more times before spring. I'm SO hoping this is a harbinger of an early spring...please, please, please make the snow go away! Bring on the mud! And the frogs! And the crickets! And the bug guts on my windshield, something besides SALT!

Nope, no cabin fever here! :wink:

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Here, here!!!! No more snow! I want flowers, and the smell of fresh cut grass! I want to hear the tree frogs and crickets at night. I want to dress my boys in shorts and sandals instead of them looking like the Bob Gregory boy!(old Indianapolis weather man commercial). I'm tired of the old gray skies, the mud, snow, and cold. I want the boys outside insteady of inside!!! I'm ready for the rebirth of the world; I need it right now like a flower needs the sun!

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Hoping for an early spring for all my cold weather friends. We're having a beautiful day here in Florida. Of course, we had enough bad times during the hurricane season to equal all the snow and low temps yu guys are having!!!

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Oh, Becky, I'm glad you posted the sighting of the first robin. Although we haven't had a tough winter by some year's standards here in Chicagoland, I'm so anxious to see my tulips and daffodils and green grass!

I don't even care that we have to go through 'mud season' with the dogs till the back yard dries out from the thaw. You know how the dogs get out there in the grass on a nice day and roll around on their back? I'm gonna do that too this spring!!!!!

Come on sunshine and warm weather and golf courses and baseball games!


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