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Please send me a recipe :)


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Hi! As some of you may have read in Activism http://www.lchelp.com/community/viewtopic.php?t=13798

LCSC is attempting to do a fundraiser by creating a cookbook full of recipes from patients and their family and friends!!!!

Quite appropriately the Scheff who is not a chef decided to take head of this and gather the recipes. (That is a play on my last name, Scheff--chef, sort of like last weekend when my husband called his mom at a hotel and asked for "Scheff's room" and got the kitchen ;) )

Please please please send me recipes! I am extra excited about this since my MOMMY is excited about this and wants to help!!!! And if something makes my mom happy, it makes me super happy!

You can e-mail at andreascheff@cox.net You can PM or you can PM and ask for my mailing address for snail mail.

Thank you!!!

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bumpity bumpity bump doo doo la la bumpity bump.

What? You say I am a pest for bumping and badgering for recipes? Do you really think I care if you say I am a pest? My daddy calls me a pest all the time, so in actuality I take it as a term of endearment. So thank you :D

And yes, I do entertain myself and make myself laugh. :roll:

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I'm trying to find my mom's chocolate mousse recipe. She use to work for a French restaurant when she was really young and it's a terrific mousse. Please let me know when you go for publishing...I want to make sure my mom's recipe gets in there.

Thank you!!! Hey, like the pic. You guys are just so darn cute :wink:

P.S. I'm in the middle of my video tape...I hope to get it out to you girls in a couple of weeks.

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Thanks for all the submissions so far! Keep them coming!!!

Just an FYI--ALL RECIPES sent to me will be included in the book!!!!

And before the book is ready, I will put a FINAL posting up to make sure everyone knows and gets the recipes in.

I sent an e-mail out to my family and friends and am getting recipes from them. I invite everyone to do that also. The MORE we get the better!!!!!

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Bumpity bumpity bump doo doo :D

The well is running dry, recipes have stopped coming in. :shock:

More more more more more. Please send recipes :D

We figured out that I need to eat 1000 calories a day 5 days a week, and then weekends off, to even lose an ounce. So weedays I have decided to eat through your recipes vicarioulsy. Hence MORE MORE. ME HUNGRY :P <---see, my tongue is wagging

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This is such a good idea everyone, and I have seen what the cookbooks may look like, they are really nice, please take a minute or 2 and send your recipes to Andrea..Its a great way to raise funds for LCSC.. I think you will be happy with the finished product..

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