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Hi everyone. This is my first time here, I got a link from the Cancer Research website and I can say that I haven't cried this much since I found out my boyfriend, the love of my life has got lung cancer. He is 28 years old and is going through hell and to be honest so am I. He found out last November, 3 weeks after his dad died of cancer. He is starting his treatment on Monday after weeks of not knowing what is going to happen to him. Some days I am convinced he will get through it and be totally fine but most days, like today I just don't know what to think. All your comments have helped me and im sorry for all the pain some of you have, and are going through.... x

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Hi there,

First off, I like your ID name, that is motivation in itself.

If you can tell us a little more about your boyfriends condition. How they found it, what stage, is it operable etc. At least we can have some idea and others with his same diagnosis can help him.

So sorry you had to come to a site like this, but it is the best, and the people are wonderful and so extremely helpful.

Your boyfriend is so young, my heart goes out to you both. But the good news is that he is young, and that is certainly a plus right there. LC is not a death sentence and has incredible beatable odds. As you will read from all the postings.

Let us know what we can do to help.


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