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Six months today


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So many wonderful postings from all your friends. You certainly made quite an impression here. I have only been here since Januaryand you have been caring, inspiring, whitty along with possessing a great personality. You touched many people's lives in helping heal their fears. There is something special about you and I thank you for that.

My heart goes out to all of you for your loss. I had no idea it was only 6 months ago. I can't imagine my life without my man. When you lose your soulmate, you feel like a lost soul. But your mate is still there, they always will be. They just gave up their diseased, sick, painful, and fatigued physical bodies but the soul lives on. It lives on in the memories you shared in your lifetime together, however long or brief.

My belief is when a sick soul leaves the physical body that person is flying high and whooping it up because the physical suffering is over, it is over all that pain is gone. They are free as a bird. It is us who are left to grieve. Everybody goes through the initial grieving process time. But, in time, you should let go, so your love one can move on and not worry so much about you. They will always be near if you need them. They will hear you through prayer or meditation. And, most importantly will be there to greet you when its time for you to cross over to help you make the transition. At that time you become soulmates again through-out eternity. You can even make yourselves, see each other through younger eyes, when you were both young and so alive. I know it will be a beautiful experience.

All your relatives will be there to greet you, not just your love, but your mom, dad, sister, brother, good friend. Hey you can all get together and go to Cindi's pub, which will probably be owned by her grandchildren by then. :D ...sorry had to put a little humor in there.

Meanwhile, life goes on and you have to deal with all of life's stresses by yourself. You don't have your sounding board, your rock, your mentor, your lover. your best friend

Please know even though you are feeling this way now there are many new memories to be made, be it with family, friends or new acquaintinces. You are alive, you are living. Cherish it... we know how fast it could be taken away.

Ginny I did not know that you were moving. Missed that somewhere along the line. So many postings sometimes its just so hard to keep up. But I am glad I did not miss this one.

I wish you peace of mind and all the best wishes I could give goes out to you and everyone here who has lost a love one :wink:


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Ginny, I consider you family, too-although I don't come around as much as I used to, I think of my LCSC family every day, and say a little prayer. All I can say is that a marraige like you and the Duke had were a great example of what it is all about-your relationship is STILL strong-and I know that Earl is loving you right now as much as you are loving him. Take care, my friend, Deb

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Hi Ginny,

Sorry I'm a few days late. Actually I think it's a good thing that you cry every day. Crying is a vent. If you weren't in pain you wouldn't be living.

You still are in a bit of shock. It's like an out of body experience. Know

one is ready for a loved ones death. Now matter how long they were sick. I still cry once and awhile about my dad and he passed in 1999.

Hang in there girl. Take care.

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You mad perfect sense to me when you wrote "I feel like I am alive and very busy but I am really not living". That is the exact way I feel. Everything in my life seemed to change once dad was dx. It all seem to happen so fast and changed my life forever. I guess it will take a long time to feel comfortable in the "new" normal life. I can do the same things I did when dad was alive but it just doesn't feel the same. He was such a big HAPPY part of my life that is missing now (not in memory but in real life).

Ginny, I am always so impressed with your postings. By reading your posts you give so much encouragement to those fighting this horrible disease and help us that are trying to recover from the loss of losing a loved one. This site always helps me to realize I am not the only one with these feelings.

I wish you much happiness. You deserve it!


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