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Iressa Users can input for FDA Hearing 3/04


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I just located this contact for Iressa users who are concerned about the FDA hearing on Iressa on Mar. 4. It appears that you can still send input for a couple more days. The contact info is at the bottom of the page. If you are on Iressa (or just want to support those who still are), you might want to send in your comments. Steve's doctor has said there is no question in his mind that, for right now, Steve should stay on Iressa because his body has had a phenomenal response to it. He may go to Tarceva at some point, but we sure want to have the option to stay with Iressa as long as it's working.

http://www.fda.gov/oc/advisory/accalend ... 30405.html

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Thanks for the address. I sent an e-mail in to the link. I am taking Iressa right now and my last blood test was very encouraging. The CEA is down to 6.5 When I was diagnosed in June 2004 it was 36. I do not smoke so it was a huge shock to find out I had lung cancer. Sure do appreciate you sending the information . God bless. pammie

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Thanks Ginny, Pammie & Maureen! We're a bit nervous about it.

Ginny - Steve's eyesight is very, very slightly improved. The vision in his good eye is about 20/100 now. Not good enough for him to notice much of a difference. He is still pretty upbeat though. Thanks for the prayers :) Hope your new place is working out great.

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