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Oscars...Jamie Fox .....and Dreams


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I know we have discussed dreams many times on this board. It seems that many of us have shared time/understanding with our departed loved ones in our deams. I know that some people think this is crazy and probably think we're a bit over the edge. Well, I found Jamie Fox's speech about his grandmother to be very interesting. For those of you that missed it...he was talking about how he always talked to his grandmother about various things during his life. He continues to say that now he talks to her in his dreams. He ended that he couldn't wait to fall asleep so that he could tell her about winning the Oscar. Neat...huh?

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My daughter told me that Jamie Foxx's speech was the best. I wanted to stay up to hear it but I missed it. We lost my husband and her father in Sept. 2004 and so I think we both hope for dreams of John. We both share our dreams with each other if we have any. My daughter is 14 and she had quite a few right away after his death but now not so many. But last night I did have a vague one of holding John's hand and being very open of my feelings for him in public which we didnt do. I feel kind of bad about that too even though we just didnt display our emotions in public. But it sure felt good to kiss him on the cheek and hold his hand. I look forward to sleep to dream and talk to John too. I am going to try to find Jamie Foxx's speech somewhere on the Internet. Thanks for sharing. Carolyn

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You know, Frank, Dennis said the very same thing. We both loved the movie "Ghost" and when we would watch it (long before Dennis was diagnosed) he would always say that if anything ever happened to me he would find a way to get back to me.

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http://www.hendersonvillenews.com/apps/ ... /502280608

AP State News

February 28. 2005 7:59AM

Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx's speech includes tribute to grandmother

The Associated Press

An overwhelmed Jamie Foxx clutched his best-actor Oscar and thanked Ray Charles, his managers, sister and daughter before getting choked up while remembering his late grandmother.

In his acceptance speech at Sunday night's 77th Academy Awards, the star of "Ray" said:

"Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. I guess we've got to do it again (Foxx then began singing the Charles song "What'd I Say.") That's for Ray Charles. Give it up for Ray Charles and his beautiful legacy and thank you Ray Charles for living.

"I've got so many people to thank tonight.... I want to thank my managers Jamie King and Marcus King. Let's live this African-American dream. It's beautiful. I'm glad I'm with you and I ain't never leaving you. I love you.

"I got a chance to meet a whole lot of people experiencing this and other people I want to thank. I want to thank my sister - 4-foot-11 of nothin' but pure love. I want to thank my daughter for telling me just before I got up here, `If you don't win dad, you're still good.'

"I see Oprah and I see Halle. I just want to say your names. I want to talk to you later, both of you, because Oprah allowed me to meet somebody by the name Sidney Poitier. Sidney Poitier said, `I saw you once and I looked into your eyes and there was a connection.' He said, `I give to you responsibility,' and I'm taking that responsibility tonight. Thank you Sidney.

"This is probably going to be the toughest part. My daughter shares my grandmother's name Marie - Estelle Marie Talley. She was my first acting teacher. She told me stand up straight, shoulders back. Act like you've got some sense. We would go places and I was wild-eyed. She said act like you've been someplace.

"And when I would act the fool, she would whip me. And she could get an Oscar for the way she whipped me because she was great at it. And after she would whip me she would talk to me and tell me why she whipped me, that `I want you to be a Southern gentleman.'

"And she still talks to me now, only now she talks to me in my dreams (breaks down in tears), and I can't wait to go to sleep tonight because we have a lot to talk about. I love you."

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