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stage IV now in remission!!


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Hey, I havent been on here much since my mom was diagnosed with stage IV NSCLC in March, she started chemo right away and its now been only 3 1/2 months and Dr. says her cancer is in remission, how unusual is this?? Anyone know? Because her Dr. gave no hope of anything like this happening, he said the chemo would only shrink the nodules (she had lots of very small pea sized ones), he said that cure was not likely, and basically gave her 6 - 12 months to live, not directly he didnt say that, but we knew what he meant. So, I know remission doesnt mean cure....and that it may or may not come back, so im still worried. Anyone else have stories of late stage lung cancer going into remission? And if so, how long ago, etc.??? Im happy about this, its just strange to be jolted from one mode to another so quickly. We were praying for this, just no expecting it so soon!!

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:D Hi Choc,

That's great news. I hve Stage 1v, Adenocarcinoma- I had

six chemo treatments.

:D Hi Choc,

I have Adenocarcinoma nsclc Stage 1V. I was dx 12/01

Stage 11 B, 1/02 removal of right lung. 4/02 spread to lymph

nodes., restaged 1V, started chemo in 5/02 ending 8/28/'02-

6 treatments of Taxol/Carboplatin. After a couple chemos, scans

showed the chemo was working. After 8/28/02 went into remission

and still am and greatful for it. Don't give up hope. A positive

attitude is the main ingredient to wellness.

God Bless you and your family,


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Thanks everyone!! :D It is good news indeed!! And now we can just concentrate on keeping my mom in remission!! She quit smoking 3 1/2 months ago...and has no desire to start up again, and is eating pretty healthy (she has enjoyed some ice-cream now and then) and is taking supplements I had done research on!! Im sure all of it worked together to get her to this point!! There is always hope and a positive attitude I believe CAN make the difference!! :D

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Fantastic news! Nobody, including the doctors know how long she will stay in remission. Everybody is different and it looks as if your Mom has responded very well to the chemo. I hope and pray she continues to make progress. Check out my posting in the SCLC section on Jan's first trip to the radiologist today. That should give you some more encouragement, as your Mom's progress has given us the same!

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That is beyond good news! I am so thrilled for you and can't thank you enough for your post. My mother is Stage IV NSCLC with mets to brain, adrenal gland and lymph system (but only in one lung). She's done two rounds of chemo (as of yesterday), and finished whole brain radiation today. One more round of chemo in 3 weeks, then we get scans. Her lymph tumors have shrunk significantly and she's no longer in pain. The doctors gave us no hope of remission or even management; same diagnosis/prognosis as your mother got (i.e., no hope except for pain management). So it's awesome to know that remission is possible!

Thank you again.



Mother diagnosed with Stage IV NSCLC June 17, 2003. Mets to brain, adrenal gland, lymph system. Whole head radiation every weekday for 3 weeks starting July 1. Chemo 3 times every 3 weeks, then re-evaluate, re-scan, re-stage.

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