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I got mine from the same place Andrea posted, but I bought some of both the turbans and the "lovies". I enjoyed the "lovies" much better. Also bought one of the twist wraps that match. I thought it looked nicer and wore them more than hats or scarfs.


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good question about the sore head! Mine felt all banged up. I will be interested to see what others say about this one. It really was hurting, to the point interfering with sleep.

I am so glad that you are listening to your mom! And taking her comments seriously!! (you good girl)

Cindi o'h

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Hi There,

www.tlccatalog.org is excellent. I have a super huge head & they have accomidated me well with sizing assistance. They are also among the least expensive yet better quality products I've found. Everything I've ordered from them has been quite comfy but I did have a rather tender head for some time & highly recommend the lovies for a while. Also, my head & neck were getting quite cold at night & they were great for sleeping in.

After 9 months of "bald is beautiful, I've ordered my first wig from them too. I've had nothing but compliments on it.

Good luck in your quest.

God bless,


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Thank you so much Cindi, that was like getting a little cyber hug. :) I'd do absolutely anything for my mom.

She's coming down to my first grader's play today. He's a lightening bug. :) (fire fly) I was prepared for her to not want to come with the hair coming out just a few days ago. What an adjustment that has to be, to say the very leastl! But she's a trooper and coming anyway!

Thank you so much Melanie! Maybe we'll even order a wig from them too! She's always had short curly hair and I saw one there like that. :)

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