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That Time Again.....


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March 17th would have been my 27th wedding anniversary. It seems like that day is one of the hardest I have to deal with throughout the year. That was "our" day. Other special days involved family and friends but this was a day just for us! I have made it through two anniversaries alone now but each time one approaches, I feel as if I'm losing it! Please pray me through this one, as you have done in the past!!!!

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Ann it does seem that we share so many close dates. I know the pain you are going through now. March 15th will be Johnny's birthday and I dread the impact I know that will have on me. It seems that there are some things that time just can't make any easier. I pray that both of us can find a way to cope with the memories and that those we do have to face are the good ones. Hang in there you are not alone we both know that :!:

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Thanks to all of you for all the wonderful and comforting responses to my post. This morning (Monday) I awoke to the thought...."oh my God....this is the week." I'm just feeling all this pain all over once again...like the wound has been totally reopened. I know that I will have to keep myself very busy this week in order to cope. Lillian, I will be saying prayers that you will be able to look back on wonderful memories of the love you and Johnny shared, as Tuesday approaches!

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