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Hi Guys!

I think today was a mile stone for me. I got my port out. I have been

putting it off, because I have been waiting for the other shoe to drop. I

went under general asth. to put it in, but he took it out in the office. I always knew my surgeon was a wonderful and compassionate man, but today he confirmed it. His nurse told me he was in Thailand for 6wks. helping out and they were not allowed to tell anyone while he was away.

(He's very modest) He put his practice and teaching on hold and went over. He felt he needed to do that, since he is sooo fortunate and had the means to be a help. I talked to him about it and he said he worked with several ortho.surgeons. He said, you just can't imagion the devastation over there. Wow!! There are still Dr.'s who work

because they love to help people. And they DON'T do it for the money.

Way to go Doc Pezzi!!!!!!!!!!! Your family and community should be very

proud of you!


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