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As posted before my sister was taken to hospital in severe pain; appears her bone (less trocanter) snapped as a result of a bone met. She underwent surgery on Thursday to which opened up her thigh and inserted a plate/pin to stabalize. Surgeon was an ortho cancer doc. and said he scraped the tumor out and stabalized. After 2 days in the hospital they let her come home today. I was not at all comfortable with that. She's been given no restrictions other than a walker to assist her. The pain from the fracture is gone but now dealing with surgical pain.

Surgeon says in about two weeks time she'll need to have radiation to bone as well then hopefully can resume chemo. There's just so much pain with this disease it's hard to understand how they endure it. Day to day everything changes! Doctors were amazed that she was able to get out of bed (with help of course) and walk a few steps day after surgery. My sis has a lot of stamina and hates to be waited on. I cry for her inside every time I look at her and see the radical changes; the pain and the hope. I know she wants to get better but I know too that she just doesn't think it will be. But for now she's ok and home resting. When the cancer gets to the bones (she has an area also on spine) everything has to stop to deal with that making chemo not possible and risking other setbacks. I just pray for her to get some improvement and have a quality of life at some point. Her life now is consumed by doctor's appointments and treatments.

Good luck to all of you out there and wishing you a Happy Easter. Pam

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dear Pamlee

I am amazed at her determination. I think that is exactly what most hope for. I give her a 10 plus for attitude and fighting spirit! You go girl! This is just the kind of girl who I see who will fight the beast and most likely win. It is difficult watching a loved one go through the pain, emotions, and hardships of the illness. Yes, her days are consumed with doctor's visits for now. There will come a time when she will miss them. It sounds as if you have got a savvy team working with her who are optimistic regarding her future. Tell her hello from me and best of luck with fast healing so that she can get on with her treatments for her lungs! And thanks for posting again!

Cindi o'h

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Your sister is amazing, her attitude will take her far. I will pray that they can get these bone mets taken care of and put behind so that she may move on.

I would like to suggest that you post under the NSCLC forum. Our members that are knowledgable of this form of lung cancer generally post there and you may get more answers for your sister in that forum.

But you are absolutely welcome to post anywhere it is comfortable for you, this is a SUPPORT community.

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Pam and Ruby-

Just read your post and reread your bio at the bottom. In a matter of 4mths you have gone from stage 3A to mets in the bones. This sounds sick but I feel like I have found a friend. Mine was not as quick as yours, I was dx 04/04 and ended treatment 10/04 and it returned 02/05. I had 4mths off before the crap came back.

We have not done a PET scan yet, when the cancer came back it was in all my remaining lungs lobes but one (the right middle). We are trying Alimta (3 treatments) before we do additional scans. I can say with some certainty that it's in a few bones, only the scans will tell but your own research can help you determine what is happening to your body!

I can say that I have been having a lot of pain in my jaw and left rib cage. Like Ruby, I didn't mess around, let's get up do what needs to be done, etc. Now that I have had my share of severe pain over the past year, my resistance is down and I'm not as capable of dealing as I was.

I guess I'm just trying to say thank you for sharing your story, I'm so sorry for the bone mets, pain, suffering, for everything. BUT it's nice to know that someone else is out there that I feel closer too because I didn't get a real break. I don't think I am saying this the right way but hope you understand what I am trying to convey! I don't feel so alone and desperate today, because of you!

Thank you and hope that Ruby gets some relief!

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