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Five for 3/28


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1. Sleeping in all week with the kids being on spring break.

2. Starting to pack for are move.

3. My sister Connie and my sister -n- law Connie both called yesterday

to wish me a happy Easter.

4. If the rain stops Kevin will have his first baseball game tonight.

5. Having such a loving and caring husband.

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Becky, Thank you for this thread. Its so nice to think about "Good things"

1 an hour long talk with Mom tonight.

2 My son and daughter in laws visit.

3 The smile tonight of a mentally handicapped man as he said kitty and watched the cat

4 My husbands constant love


God bless,


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1). Picturing my daughters face when she receives her Easter pkg in the mail (which she is not expecting).

2). My partners parents who live across the parking lot and call me everyday to ask if I need or want to go anywhere (as I cannot drive).

3). My sprituality and faith that are so strong.

4). Waking up everyday and being able to function.

5). Strangers that walk up to me and ask me about my cancer and tell me their story, gives me hope!

God Bless,


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1. Waking up on the right side of the grass today, as Becky so eloquently puts it.

2. That my parents are alive and well enough to want to take the girls for spring break.

3. That the x and I could sit for 2 hours planning elder daughter's sweet sixteen party and not have anyone get snotty and rude.

4. A job to get up and go to that pays well enough and has security.

5. The signs that spring is not a lost cause -- saw crocuses in bloom, air is smelling rich...

Thank God I survived my cancer.


Prayers, always,


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