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dry cough following pnemectomy

Don M

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These are questions mainly directed at those of us who have had a pneumectomy.

About 2 weeks after my pneumectomy, or about 3 weeks ago, I noticed a dry cough that would tend to send me into cough spasms. It has not gone away. My pulmonologist says it happens with some people. He said that the remaining lung tends to get stretched and that causes an irritation which can cause a dry cough.

My questions are: have any of you experienced a dry cough? How long did it last?

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I unfortunatley had a nerbe damaged that paralyzed one of my vocal cords so I wasn't able to cough at all.

I have however heard others on the board talking about this. I am sure someone will chime in and give you some details.

I hope it stops soon. It must be pretty painful so soon after your surgery.


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Don, when I had my left lung removed I came home from hospital in 5 days and was coughing so bad I was afraid I'd choke to death.

If I remember right it lasted about month or so??.After that I was able to actually breath much better than before surgery,although short of breath when active.

Since that time now every time I have severe coughing it has usually been the result of something bad.

Doesn't hurt to have it checked out to be safe.Hope it gets better Don.

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Yes I was coughing frequently for first month or maybe more...after pnuemonectomy, very painful, but I could usually cough up some phlegm which gave me a little break between coughing spells. Have u used an inhaler? Albuterol inhaler helps to loosen up any junk in lungs so it can be coughed up. dunno if it would help a dry cough, but worth a try...huh? Id ask doc...he could call in prescrip. for that...fairly cheap too....If he thinks it might help. Good Luck...hug that pillow too when coughing of course. Rich B.

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Hi Don,

I had my surgery 18 months ago. I had a lobectomy. But about 2 months ago I developed a dry hacking cough. Similiar to a smokers cough. I had great concern. Had xrays and ct's supposely everything is

fine, but it was very frustrating. It's not as bad as it was , but I just can't get a deep enough breath to really give a good cough. I was sucking on

cough drops, hard candy etc. which seemed to help. My Dr. didn't really

have a good explanation but says he sees it once in awhile. I still have it

but it seems to be taking it's time to go away if it ever does. Good luck and take care!


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Hey there Don.

As I recall, mine was more of a cough that was brought about by a "tickle"

that felt like it was right about where the bronchia split to go to each lung -- which just happened to be where my left lung was snipped off. But I don't recall how long it lasted. I was out riding my bike after about three weeks, so I don't think it lasted too long. Take care Don, and stay in touch.

David P.

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