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5 for 4/7


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Hi all,

I love this thread. Thanks Becky again for starting it and although I may not be here a lot I do look for this thread.

1) That I am finally feeling better from a tooth infection

2) That one son visited and another called today just to talk with me :-)

3) That every morning when I get up one of the mentally handicapped men that we provide a home for tells me "I'm happy".

4) That this wonderful supportive site exists

5) That my husband and I are best friends and show each other daily.

God bless you all,


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1) My little puppy curling up in my lap and falling asleep

2) Spring has finally arrived in New Jersey!

3) A "positive" vibe kind of day -- no dark thoughts clouding my head

(may have something to do with #2 above)

4) My son's beautiful little face...and beautiful big heart

5) The early stages of planning our cruise to Alaska for August! :D

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Always my first.... I woke up again this morning

I had a great break in Texas

My cat loves me and missed me and is walking all over this keyboard - I can't see too much of the screen either

Very little snow is left

The Village Snack Bar is open - almost the best fries in Vermont (like I need more lard!!!)

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