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Lung surgery


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We went to Tampa yesterday for Ken's checkup on the liver resection, a pre-op for the lung surgery and a CT scan. Surgery scheduled for May 9 (R upper lobe). Well, Ken just called me and said Moffitt Hospital called and asked if he would like to do the surgery this coming Monday, May 2. Of course he said yes. He would have done it the same day as the liver if it had been up to him.

So here he is, 4 weeks out from practically being cut in half (33 staples) and he is going under the knife again. He is recovering really well, but is by no means recovered from the liver surgery. At least it will only be a 4 inch incision under his arm.

It is really scary. This is his shot for a cure. The P.A. who checked him yesterday said sometimes they will do surgery on two separate areas for the same cancer in the hopes of a cure. I guess because for the 6 months since dx he did not have any other mets there is a chance they could get it all. I know this is probably not likely, but we feel you have to go for whatever chance you can get. He is a strong, brave guy (you know,those "former" marines)and has never been "sick" from any of this. Even the chemo wasn't bad except for fatigue.

Well, I've got to get to work. I wasn't planning to be out next week. I am still feeling a little shaky, I thought at least he had a week and half more to heal. Thanks, as always, for all the support.

Karen H

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It sounds as if Ken is in capable hands who are out to do the best they can for him. That s truly GREAT! Many prayers for the "cure" you hope for, or at least the VERY best these docs have to offer - which sounds incredible!!! Don't forget to post ASAP to let us know.


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