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Lurked too long, DH with IV LC to bones

Guest marchwinds05

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Guest marchwinds05

Hi. I have lurked too long and am now joining. I will post when or as I can. DH was diagnosed 1st of March 05 with LC Stage IV(has no breathing problems yet) that has mets. to his spine in many places. The back hurting is what started all of this. Had 10 rounds of radiation 3 weeks ago on his spine and has been nauseas and bedridden since. Light is a problem also. I found this site by accident and I certainley know that we are not alone now, even though this feels very lonley. I wish everyone the best and hope for a little advice or something. Thank you.

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Hi I would just like to welcome you. I am an early stage survivor myself, and have no experience with radiation. Others here have. I have heard that radiation is very good for getting bones mets under control. I extend you my best wishes and hopes that you and your loved one whittle this disease down to size and can have many good years ahead

Don M

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Hello! and Welcome! This is a wonderful site. You will be amazed at the love and support you will find here. My hubster and I are relatively new to this whole thing, but there are wonderfully smart and caring people who will offer to share their experience with you.

My DH has Stage IV too, but radiation was not an option for him. His mets are in his liver.

Come on in and rest your troubles for a while.


Pat and Brian

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Hey,hi, hello.

And a big welcome to you and to hubby.

Glad that you found us.

I must say that I had radiation...gobs of it to the lymph nodes around the trachea and esophagus and to the primary tumor site in my lung. In addition, I was having weekly chemo. They said that the chemo would intensify the effects of the radiation or vise versa .. don't remember now. But, I will say that there were side effects from it. oh yeah. Wiped me out. Put me down. Showed me what a tough girl I was and reminded me that I was completely in God's hands. Made a believer out of me!

One thing I see that you say that I have never heard of is the light sensitivity thing. That would be a new one on me. Unless, I forgot because it has been so long.

I have had light sensitivity issues only once in my life, though, and that is when my liver was out of whack because of some virus that I had caught. I was very, very ill and light sensitivity was part of that deal... how is his liver function doing?

Probably no connection, but, geez, you never know.

Well anyway. Again. Welcome.

Cindi o'h

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Just want to say HI and welcome to our group. Glad you decided to join us and stop lurking in the background.

It seems like we have been having people coming out lately and that is great. That way we can give you support when you need it or help you with a question if we can. We certainly cannot help you if you are in hiding. :D

Take care and I hope you husband does well with his radiation. I cannot help you their as my husband is gong through chemo right now but not radiation.


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