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Kel M......How's your Mom?


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Hey Deb,

Thanks for your post and concern. Mom has been recovering extremely well from her hip surgery. She has a 20 centimetre (2/3 of a foot) gash on her right hip that is healing nicely and a titanium femur end.

Sadly, the cancer has been on the move. Mom has developed lumps on her skull that her oncologist believes is related to bone cancer or the new tumour on her side. They are growing rapidly and are already painful to the touch. Given Mom's neurological impairment and previous PCI, they are also very hesitant to put her through any kind of brain radiation. They will, however, put her through a battery of tests to determine how best to control the symptoms.

The tumour on her side is now visible to the naked eye. It is very bizarre to be able to see the cancer that is eating at her. The tumour is also very painful and the doctors are having a very difficult time managing the pain. She was in agony this morning, unable to talk to me on the phone. It brought tears to my eyes.

My aunt has since told me that they gave her a powerful breakthrough to knock her out and ease her pain. It seems to be working and will hopefully provide some longer-term relief.

I'm driving back home tomorrow to spend the weekend at the hospital with her. This journey is not getting any easier for her, or indeed, for those of us who love her. That said, she is the most powerfully strong human being I've ever met - she has the most amazing will and she's not ready to give up yet. She just needs to get the pain under control.

Appreciate your kind thoughts and prayers and sending love to all!


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As tough as it will be, it is so good you are going home this weekend. Hold your Mother's hand and tell her how much you love her.

I hope she is comfortable. Facing all of this is bad enough, but to have horrible pain is unforgivable.

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Not the report I hoped to hear. :( I hope they get mom's pain under control...but more so I wish there was more they can do to halt or reverse the cancer. I'm going to hope for that, anyway...that things will turn around some and gain your mom some more good, painfree time.

I'm glad you're going to be with her...and am sure she will be so happy to have you there. Please keep us up to date on her...and tell her I'm still wishing her birdies and pars to come.

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I am so sorry to hear about your mom. You two sound so close. She will be glad to have you with her this weekend, as hard as it is for both of you. My sister was pain-free at the late stage---if you want to know what she was given, please PM me. Otherwise, my thoughts are with you. I very much appreciated your posts to me.

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Hi Kel,

Wow, what depressing news. Poor lady, she has been through to much but her attitude is to be commended. What a brave women. You are so lucky to have her as she is to have you.

Going home to spend some time with her, will be a blessing and the best medicine.

I pray for her to feel better. I pray there is something they can do to help her or aleast to control her pain.

Peace be with you. You are a wonderful, caring daughter. She certainly brought you up with so much love. She did something right. :D

Please stay strong.


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