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Swollen Glands, I have one

Gina D.

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1st, I am calling my Onc. tomorrow, yes.

I have had a gland in my right armpit swell up off and on since surgery. The surgen told me this was common do to trama in the area. Made sense to me at the time.

But now it has come up again, and it HURTS. It's not real big, but it definately is there and my whole armpit is pained. Not horrible, but noticable.

Anyone else experience this after surgery?

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I'm right there with you, friend.

For months I have been telling folks (my husband, onc, GP) that my armpit just doesn't feel "right". I, too, have some swelling that I detect and uncomfortable sensations that are hard to describe. The onc felt around, the GP felt around, we did a CT of all questionable areas at the end of June and an MRI to assure that brain mets weren't doing nutso things to my hand and arm (apparently I'm also having carpal tunnel-type symptoms). At the end of all the scans the onc wrote in her notes that I am officially "in remission"...WONDERFUL words...but the d*mn armpit continues to plague me and now I have a swollen "blob" just under my collarbone. It isn't hurting me at all...it has no feeling in it, but it is worrisome. I go next week to see my GP and will badger him for some kind of information or resolution. The onc has suggested that I see a neurologist.

Arghh! Life ain't nowhere near the same as BS (before surgery), but I truly am thankful that I am here, even with "the pit" problem. I'd be interested in any more info/symptoms/etc., that you have to share.

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> Life ain't nowhere near the same as BS (before surgery)

Well, the BS part continues :wink: I just complian about it less now!

I am having a hard time with balancing the just "what" I should be concerned about and what to ignore thing.

I realize a swollen gland can be MANY other things besides a met, (I have had them before, they go away on thier own) but how to you judge when to and when NOT to bug the Pros with these things? This is all still new to me.

Pain in my ribs, the inevitable result of a rib spreader, can be common for months after surgery, but it can also be a sign of a bone met. My right lung still hurts, but it is getting better. With a buncha staples in there and considering what happened to it, this doesn't suprise or alarm me. BUT, It could be a sign of things progressed.

I don't want to be an alarmist, but I certainly don't want to ignore important things either. It's frustrating.

Anyway, symptoms, not many more than I mentioned, actually. I have a little numbness in my right arm, not much tho. This worries me, because I was in Arizona a couple of weeks ago. Valley Fever :wink: Geez, I have everything now :wink:

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I think you are right on track both physically and emotionally. :lol: You remind me the summer after my surgery. I too, had a mass under the armpit of my surgery side. We all determined it was scar tissue. I made EVERYONE look at it. I couldn't even sleep on that side. Two years later, it finally has subsided.

The rib pain, yes, still comes and goes. I used to tell my onc "Everything hurts, but nothing lasts for more then two days". Then pain moves to a different spot. I decided it was my inner demons tormenting me.

My onc left me with two thoughts:

Pain needs to be chronic and intense. Getting worse instead of better.

I've had three malignacies, and yes, I do need to be aware of my body. It is a pain in the butt, but . . I'm still here.


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Hey Gina.

Make certain to have all your chief complaints checked out by all of the docs involved. I still have a painful spot at the front end of my incision, under my armpit, halfway down my ribcage. But I attribute this to the trap muscle tissue that was cut during surgery. It only hurts when I manipulate the area with my fingers. The other thing is, the surgeon said he cut out part of a rib, but not to worry cause it'll grow back. He was right, and yes, it did hurt for quite some time after surgery but I always ignored it because I thought that was my price to pay for still being around. Hope all turns out well. Take care Gina. Love your humorous side.


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yep........I, too, like aggressive docs. I could feel nodes in my right armpit for about a year and half before they showed up on the NEOTECT scan. (the docs-Oncologists) could not feel them during their exams, but I could. One of my local docs ordered an ultrasound to be done and the ultrasound did show 2 slightly enlarged lymph nodes. They did shrink while I was on Iressa, because I couldn't feel them for about 4 months, if memory serves me correctly. They have returned, but they didn't show up on the PET scan. I now have what appears to be enlarged nodes near the elbow. The one in the elbow did show up on the PET Scan. So, again, I'm glad your doc is being aggressive. And I'm hoping it turns out to be nothing more than an easily treated infection or a little lymphademia from the surgery.

Please let me know how you're doing, Gina...

Fay A.

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OK OK..here we go with the "oops" wrong planet" thing :wink:

It is not a node, it is too low, about nipple level. Anyone? Does that sound right?

THEY (all 3 oncs in the office) couldn't feel it, and when I pointed it out, they DID feel what I was concerned about, but they smirked a little and told me not to worry too much about the muscle I pulled. (I did move a few things this weekend, but they didn't know that) I was happy that Doc #1 asked Doc #2 to verify and Doc#3 came along just to be sure.

BUT, they also told me I did the right thing by calling and coming in and they would treat everything like it was bad until proven otherwise.

They are going to do a mammogram too, just to be safe. I am due for one anyway, but put it off because my right breat is still VERY sore from surgery. This ain't gonna be fun, nope.

I feel a little better now :wink: Even if I feel dumb.

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Nope... You are NOT dumb. I think acting quickly was a very intelligent thing to do. Oh, and lymph nodes run in a line from the axilla (arm pit) down the arm. So there really are lymph nodes in the area you described. A node may not be what you have, but there are nodes in that area.

You might want to ask your docs if they would order an MRI of your breast. It's a more sensitive test, and it will be a heck of a lot easier on YOU than the conventional mammogram would be. (Unless the place you're having it done has one of those new mammogram machines that produces a three deminsional picture and doesn't compress the breast. )

I wish I knew how to set up links from this site to some of the information sites I've visited over the past 4 years. Places like Gray's Anatomy, the Med-Line Encyclopedia, etc. It sure makes understanding this stuff a lot easier when I am able to refer back to these sites when a question comes up.

At any rate, I'm very glad you acted quickly, and that your doctors assured you that you did the right thing. I just hope if something pops up in the future you remember that they told you that you did the RIGHT thing by contacting them quickly, and that you do so again.

Thanks for the quick update...I was worried about you.

Fay A.

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Thanks Fay,

You don't have to be fancy and post a clickable link, just copy the address from the address bar on those sites, and past them into a post. We can figure it out. HTML is not everyones cup of tea! (it's mine, but I am a geek)

Are you refering to a "Cone Down" mamogram? I had one a few years ago because they thought they saw something that turned out to not be there. I am afraid I am getting the "squish" version. Fortunately, there isn't that much to squish :wink: They will do it this friday in the AM. No time to change things around. I can stand a little pain for that short period.

Have your chest cut into and let them rip out parts you use every few seconds. Not much is too uncomfy after that, let me tell ya. Paper cuts don't even make me queezy anymore!

They said I could take pain meds before, as many as I needed, as long as I didn't pass out in the waiting room! LOL! I like places with a sense of humour! NOW I just wish I hadn't taken all the good stuff.

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