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no ceiling fans in heaven


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I rented a helium tank and bought a couple hundred balloons to take to church this morning. Katie and I decided we would decorate some balloons and release them to heaven today for Mother's Day. And I figured we wouldn't be alone in wanting to send balloons skyward.

As we were driving down to church this morning, Katie asked me if their were fans in heaven. I told her I didn't know and asked her why she wanted to know. She said she didn't want the fans popping Mommy's balloons. So I said that the angels all knew the balloons were coming, and so if they have ceiling fans, they turn them off on Mother's Day.

About 45 kids of all ages blew up balloons, all told probably about 100 balloons. We put wildflower seeds in them, and some used the magic markers on them and some didn't. There were folks who had lost their moms or grandmas, moms who had lost children, and a couple whose children or mothers lived too far away to be at church with us this morning.

Katie decorated four balloons for Becky. She had me write the words - "I love you, Mommy", "Happy Mother's Day" twice, and "We miss you." And then she drew pictures of the three of us playing together, of Katie playing with Becky's kitty, of Mommy's old school and her students so she would know they were doing okay, and of the her sitting in Becky's lap as they read a story together.

On a chilly and rainy San Antonio morning, I think we have only seen the sun for 10 or 15 minutes today, but it was right at the end of service as we released our balloons into heaven's care.

I hope there are no ceiling fans in heaven, or that if there are, the angels don't get too hot with them off for a while.


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Curtis -

Thanks for sharing this beautiful story, we did the same thing this weekend with left over birthday ballons, Audrey purposely requested we get extras to kiss and send to Nonna in heaven, I'm just glad she still remembers after almost 3 years.

I know you don't need to be told but you have an amazing daughter!

Much Love to you this Mother's Day!


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This is an excellent idea. The funeral home organized something similar 2 weeks ago for people with bdays in April. There was a huge balloon where the families could write messages for the deceased person. I went with my brother...

Thanks for sharing the story.


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This is about as heart-warming as it gets. Your care of Katie's emotional needs is....well, spectacular. Becky is smiling...I know it.

This made ME smile and want to cry at the same time...as it's such a lovely, touching thing you did. Sharing it with others at church makes it all the more beautiful!

Thanks for sharing with us, how you celebrated Mother's Day. Hugs to you and Katie.

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