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Article in 5/9/05 Philadelphia Inquirer

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Heather great article, You and Brad make a great looking couple.

FYI- The Philadelphia Inquirer is the paper in the Philly area. It has the biggest public circulation of any paper in Phila. It also has a hugh circulation in South Jersey also.

This article is on the Health & Science section. But the picture of Heather and Brad is hugh on the front page there, and is bordered by light green. It stands out and you cannot miss the article.

Right under it it says in headlines about 1 inch high, black lettering, stating "Sick of the shame" It is an awakening article for ex-smokers who think they are immuned to getting LC or had no idea they can still get this.

Katie posted it so you can read the article for yourself. But I just wanted to make you aware that the pic. that was downloaded was nothing compared to the picture and size of the article as it appears in print.

Great going Heather... I pray this article gets read, and scares all those ex-smokers. We need funding and early detection, so we can nip this thing in the butt before it spreads. We all know that, know I pray this gets through to the public.

Thank you so much Heather for making this happen. You are a gem.

I am so proud of all your accomplishiments, starting from your walk-a-thon in Nov, and now this.


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