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weird feeling all over !!!!!!!!


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Hello everyone! I hope all is well or at lease you are doing ok today. The reason I am posting is because my sister who has SCLC and is in treatment now again is feeling very bad and very tired.

When I ask her what it feels like she says its very hard to discribe. Like and out of body thing or something does anyone eles feel like this?

I wish there was a way to make her feel better. She is a strong women as I know anyone going through this is and there family but maybe you can share how you are feeling she is having radation everyday and she is tired.

What kind of things are you guys doing to keep busy and make yourself feel better?

How do you find it in yourself to keep going? Other ways then with Gods help because I know he is there I mean tricks or something.

I am thinking of all of you guys everyday.



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Hi icu2:

Sorry to hear that your sister is struggling through her treatments right now. I cannot say if I ever had the "out of body" experience that your sister is having but I can say that when I was actively in treatment, but definetly felt "strange".

What did I do to keep my spirits up? I watched comedy on tv (not just the a sitcom but the comedy channel with "who's line is it anyways" type of shows, visited with friends and family, meditated, slept, tried to put the cancer out of mind for at least part of each day and read alot. I also joined a local support group that helped me pull my spirits up.

Most important to me was to do something special for myself each day (even 15 minutes worth) to reduce the stress.

Tell your sister to hang in there!


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I LOVE "Whose Line"! Also watched a lot of "America's Funniest Home Videos"...the night before my BIG scans, I watched "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" from beginning to end...

Best way to deal with it is in small bites. I look at it like going to a potluck family reunion and filling your plate with too much, and some stuff of questionable taste... Try to bite the nasty stuff is small bites, surrounded by the good stuff. Be it someone's garden on the way to treatment, watching squirrels chase each other around the yard or talking to friends, try to mix the good liberally with the bad.

...and breathing. Always remember that when everything seems horrible, block it out and concentrate on breathing - deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. Helps to calm the nerves...

Good luck,


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I'm sorry to hear about your sister. She is going thru so much right now. While I am not a cancer survivor, I can only imagine how she must feel. As far as the "out of body thing" goes, it may have to do with anxiety and stress. Often times with anxiety there can be kind of a disassociated feeling, or a sense of watching, things feeling surreal. God knows she is going thru so much. I'd mention this to a caring professional and follow up to stay on top of things. If it is anxiety, it is so treatable, but you don't want it to get out of control. Sometimes the symptoms are so vague, things just don't feel right along with more classic symptoms. Hope she is feeling more herself soon. Sending you both only good thoughts-Nancy

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I'm a 3+yr survivor so memories of radiation and chemo are rapidly fading (a little like childbirth) I have no real recolections of any out of body feelings but I do remember feeling so tired that nothing seemed real.

Everything was just too much trouble at times and sleep was my very best friend. For me the fatique that came with the tx was nothing like anything I had ever experienced before or since, it's an absolute feeling of being totally drained - of everything. I sat one day 15ft from our water cooler and stayed thirsty for a while because I couldn't summon the energy to get up and fill my glass.

I don't think at that time I could have described how I felt and I know that my family couldn't understand the depth of the tiredness, how ever much they thought they did.

I knew life was going on around me but at times it was very hard to concentrate enough to follow conversdations going on between other people in the room.

I don't know if this is anyting like the way your sister is feeling, we all have very different, yet very similar, reactions to our cancer tx.

Wishing you, your sister and all your family the very easiest route through this cancer minefield.

Take care,


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I don't have an answer for you. I feel like I am going crazy, I watch the clock, can't get interested in anything. I have sever nausea and it's killing me! I try to watch TV and take my pain meds. I get about 2hrs worth of releif with pain meds.

I hang on till the next time it's time for pills and get some relief. Sorry I can't be more helpful, I know what she is going through!

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