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Done with Chemo


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My mom had her last round of chemo yesterday. It actually did not knock her on her toosh this time. We are all so excited and hope that the next scan will let us become acquainted with NED. Anyways she is going on a month trip at the end of this month but before she goes she meets with onc. So good news :D

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Hi Heidi!

Yes, nothing but goood news. You KNOW I am anxiously awitiing an update - esp. in your signaature section. I want to see and hear your mom is having quite an affair with NED. I would love to share him, you know! Hope both of us pancoast girls keep him as our "guy" for many years. Hope your mom doesn't mind!!! :lol:

Update please, ASAP!!!!!!!!!


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This is wonderful. The last chemo over for all. Don't mean to rain on anyone's parade, but, my experience was the chemo effects would hit a day and a half to two after the process...(!)

Hope she will enjoy her vacation. What a great idea. I did the same thing after treatment. I needed that time to get away from all that I had just been through. And it was the best vacation of my life.

Hope your Mom will have the rest and peace of mind that she needs.

Great to see you posting..was missing you!

love, Cindi o'h

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