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Mom's weepy day


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Mom's having a bit of a down day and posted on the end of her other posting....thought i'd bring it up here where ppl can find it!

Love you mom! No matter what!


I am so happy to have all of you here. I have had one day so far.. For some reason I can't keep my spirits up.( I haven't even started treatments )

I want to throw in the towel and say forget it, let nature take it's course.

Then I see how long and hard you all have fought. I just hope and pray that I have the fortitude that you all have. I appreciate all the encouragement that I get here. I have to appologize for sounding like such a whimp.

I don't know what I'd do without all the support I'm getting from my family and friends so far.

I guess I'll hang in there and try to not be such a boob.

My wonderfull daughter Missyk has been such a help so far. Tell me, our family's won't wear out too fast . I sure hope not.

You know I feel better already - THANKS

SUE mother of missyk

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No shame in having weepy days or bad days. I am sure all of us do but don't mention it until someone else brings up there blues. Then all the secrets come out of the woodwork.

I go thru spells of being up and then down and never sure how I will be feeling each day until it arrives.

You are just starting on your treatment, so of

course you are uptight. You'll do alright and soon get in the swing of things.

Take care and God Bless. marion

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Today was a beautiful day here in PA. Thabnk God I could share in it. What was it like in Iowa? Try to focus on each DAY and not what lies ahead. Can you be thankful for each day? Let's not worry about what next week, next month holds for us.

Wishing for you the strength for each day, the courage to face it, and the knowledge that there are MANY here who wish only good things for you.

My wishes and hopes that there are MANY days, months, and years, for you and your family to enjoy together.


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If all the days were the same, life would be

very dull.

Smiling days. weeping days are all part of


I have a special book for the down days and

that helps a lot, yes, it is a book of good

clean jokes and when I am down, I just read

one joke and start to feel good again.

Even healthy people have weeping days, so

nobody should feel bad about it specially when

sickness is there.

Sending good vibes your way.


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(((Sue ))),

From one Sue to another, I'm sending you a cyber hug. You will probably see the words "emotional roller coaster" written many times on the pages of this site. The battle is at times harder than others, but as you begin treatment I think you will feel renewed strength and determination to win. You will feel that you are armed and ready to fight . Know that you aren't alone and we will be here for you. Will keep you in my prayers as you begin your treatment this week.

Love and Prayers,


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We have all been there! In addition to my chemo, I am facing thyriod iodine treatment and gallbladder surgery in the next week. I'm down to taking it one hour at a time instead of one day since it's gotten so bad.

Your not a whimp! I can understand not looking forward to starting this nightmare!

Hang in there, we do this to survive! We do this to be there for our families!

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Hey, not every day is good. She certainly is allowed to be weepy, we all got through that. It is good therapy to get all those emotions out. A good cry is good, helps rejuvenate the soul.

Missy tell mom to hang in there, things always change.

Hope she is feeling better today.

Here is to a much better tomorrow... 8)


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