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Finally home, ? re Oxygen


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Well, after 17 days in the hospital Ken was finally discharged. The leak just stopped one day. They pulled the chest tube and sent him home (to the RV) the next day.

He is on oxy. now all the time. I had to scramble to make sure we had enough portable tanks to last till we got home. He needed oxy. last Nov. became very SOB. Then all of a sudden, after a couple of months he really did not need it for everyday use.

My ? is, is constant use of oxy. usual after a lobectomy? He also has emphysema (not super bad). The dr. said he would check his level when we go back for follow up. I rented a saturation measuring machine and he is staying at 91-92 at 2 liters. Plummets to 85 or less when he walks or exerts. I am hoping that as he heals and becomes more active he will improve and not need to be on the oxy. all the time. I would appreciate hearing about others experience with recovery from a lobectomy. Thanks.

Karen H

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Karen,the usual cut off line is 88% in most cases with that type of monitoring,however the only really accurate way to test is with an arterial gas test.(they take blood from a vein in the wrist and get a reading from that which I believe has to be 72% or higher to not need O2.

I was able to improve after using it all the time for about a year.Now I only use it when sleeping.So it is possible to be able to get off of it someday.

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Hi Karen,

Sorry to hear about your husbands bought with oxyigen. :( I hope he will be able to come off it soon.

My husband had a lobectomy but did not have to use oxyigen, Just in ICU after surgery, But that was it.

I am really glad he is finally home. :lol:

Take care,


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No advice coming from me. Just had my first oxygen home delivered less than an hour ago. I will have to play with it and see what it will make me do....spin circles maybe? :o

I have wanted it now for some time. I did not have surgery, but have a peripleral effusion giving me trouble. Can't flippin' breathe. I don't need it when I am resting, but I do need it just to walk across the room and definitely any more than that.

Ken should kind of be able to tell if he needs it or not, shouldn't he?

The salesman did tell me about this conservator gauge that helps you not to use so much oxygen. Apparently, it makes it use the O2 only when you NEED it....some kind of sensor? That way the tanks last 4X as long, according to his little lecture. But, he said that this device requires a prescription from the doctor.

That is about all I have to share on this subject. Can't wait to see how this O2 will help my daily living.

I am glad that Ken is home too. Yay!

love, Cindi o'h

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I am glad to hear your husband is finally home. On the 02, everyone is different, some need it just after surgery - some much longer. I think a little time will give you a better indication of what is to come.

Hang in there and here's to hoping that your husband continually improves.


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