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To Newcomers: My Tips for using LCSC website


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Good tips, Peggy. Thanks. I would encourage newcomers to put a bio note on the patient at the bottom of the post and keep it updated, so we can refer to the background of that person when responding.

Also, sometimes I don't have time to read through a long narrative. It would be helpful if the questions or main points are put at the end or highlighted. Thanks. Don

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I want to add one more thing.

How many times are you replying or starting a post and you lose your text before you can submit it. Is that frustrating or what? :shock:

You know me I can't just put in a sentence, I have to do a novel at times. :roll: So when I lose what I am writing, or I want to go back to that post that Iam replying to check something out, when I go back to replying...oops its gone. I hate when that happens. :shock:

So this what I do now. As I am writing eiher a post of a reply I highlight the text, right click and copy it. I do this a couple times as I am writing the text. Therefore, if for some reason I lose it, I just have to click on reply, right click and paste it. :lol:

Saves a lot of aggravation. :wink:


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