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Hello from Burlington,Vermont Again

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Hello Everyone

Just wanted to see how you are all doing. Found cancer cells in my liver still doing test on it and such.

But good news is I went out into the city this week had a blast got lost a few times while driving. Even had a beautiful women ask me for my phone number(yeah I still got it I guess) :roll:

But had a .2cm shrinkage in my right lung yahoo something good finally happened.

Chemo has me sick as a dog most days. But I am dealing with it to the best that I can. Drinking lots of Boost drinks. The strawberry one taste good with fresh strawberries and ice cream 8)

Its besides that I am doing well. Thinking of buying a cello next week and trying to learn how to play it. I have been playing Violin for almost 20years so I think I will drive the people next door crazy by learning to play something else. And it will sound so bad until I learn lol.

They love hearing me play my violin but they will hate me playing the cello I am sure at the beginning. Anyways are any of you good people near Vermont. O and to missyk you have a beautiful smile. If I wasn't sick I would ask you out to dinner and a movie :wink: j/k

Anyways I am glad you are all doing great. If anyone wants to be a voicepal lemme know could share our days and laugh at some of the retarded stuff we see. Like when I went for chemo one of the nurses breast most have poped out her bra because all of a sudden when she did a quick turn. One of her breast was kinda hanging way down(alot more below the one beside it) and she exited the room very fast and her face was as red as a cherry. I didn't think about it until later on but when I did boy did I laugh until it hurt.

Anyways I will be online later on tonight send me a message if you bored thanks all :)

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*Giggles* If i weren't married, i'd let ya :wink: sick or not! Thinks the cello is a great idea! but i've always been one to annoy someone when i'm not feeling well...Mom just LOVED that when i was younger!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA at the nurse! Oh MAN! That woulda been great! Can't wait to hear more (and maybe see a few as i visit with Mom during some sessions)

Congratulations on the incredible shrinking tumor! And hopes you get good news ( well, as good as it can be) about the liver.

Prayers and hugssssssssss

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Hi Young Skywalker,

So glad you posted us with your update.

Seems like everything is going as scheduled. Including you being a girl magnet :mrgreen:

Keep keeping us updated. Iam glad you seem to have accepted your condition and are now fighting the battle. Which you will conquer!!

Take care and be good to yourself. Which I think you are doing. Keep it up. Proud of you. :wink:


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Hi; I am glad to see you are in good spirits and are getting some shrinkage. I hope the liver problem can be managed ok. I guess some of thoses nurses work too hard and move too fast thus creating such job hazards as bra slippage.

Don M

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